Published On: Wed, Jul 26th, 2017

Ideas For A Soaring Career Change!



We all hit that point in life where we don’t really know what we want to do as a career that will excite us, inspire us, and give us that reason to go to work every day. A lot of us feel we are over the hill in this respect, due to age, and so we do wonder if it’s worth starting again or if you would face more difficult times in trying to change your career. But it’s more common to change careers halfway through your life than it ever has been.

It is a massive misconception that the idea of a new career is something just for people that have got out of university. So whether you are young, old or somewhere in-between, here are some interesting careers you might want to think about doing to make a difference in your life, and possibly to someone else’s.


A lot of us look at the erudite quick-thinking lawyer type as an exciting career opportunity, and if you are good at making articulate speeches, arguing your point (even though you are wrong), and think and speak at length, this might be the choice for you. The standard approach is to do a degree in law. Or if you are classed as a mature student but have no background in law, you may want to think about an online course to give you a good idea of the basics in terms of how the law works such as a bachelors criminal justice degree. The great thing about courses now means you don’t have to attend university, but you can fit it around your existing work commitments, meaning that it is feasible to work towards a second career without having to leave your current one.


If the idea of breaking news stories and working in the high-pressure environments of newscasting or newspapers is something that piques your interest, then you will find your niche in journalism. It doesn’t necessarily have to be current affairs, there are many other sectors that you can specialise in to suit your skillsets such as entertainment, local news, or sport. The typical route to becoming a journalist is through a journalism degree or postgraduate diploma. But a lot of people find themselves breaking into the industry the via their own personal content, whether this is writing blogs or reviews. Although it appears that people with more solid qualifications are likely to get the more prominent roles in the industry.


Probably the most exciting career of them all and something that a lot of people have thought about doing! Apart from the obvious benefits of travelling the world and seeing different countries, the skills a required to become an airline pilot are many, and although it doesn’t require maths degree, as is commonly thought, you will need to take a lot of exams. In addition to this, hundreds of hours of flight training in the air as well as in a simulation and learning how to fly in all weathers such as at night and how to navigate through turbulence. As a career choice, it is, of course, incredibly exciting, but there are real dangers that come with it which is something to bear in mind if you’re just thinking about it from the glitz and glamour point of view.