Published On: Sat, Jan 14th, 2017

Fascinating Facts We Bet You Don’t Know About Modern Families

Modern Families

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It’s fair to say that the modern family has changed drastically since you were young. There are new ideas on how to raise children, weird statistics about paternity and an increase in legal matters like divorce. Let’s look at the major ways family life has changed since we were kids.

Gender Neutral Parenting Is Becoming More Popular

What is gender neutral parenting? It’s exactly as it sounds. Rather than raising your child with the stereotypes of a boy or girl in mind you ignore the separation of gender completely. Instead, you nurture who your child naturally wants to be. So, perhaps your son wants a barbie for Christmas rather than an Action Man. As a gender neutral parenting follower, you wouldn’t try to persuade them otherwise. Instead, you would give them the toy that they wanted that they asked you for. This idea has gone further by parents letting their sons wear dresses, and their girls dress in clothes we typically associate with boys. While facing a certain backlash from areas of society, it’s still a popular idea and with good reason. It allows parents to take a step back and relinquish control on who their children become.

‘You’re Not The Father’

If you have a child, you might automatically assume that you are the biological father. But actually, without a DNA test, there’s no way you can be 100 percent sure. You might trust your partner, but it does depend on when she was pregnant. Perhaps at the time she had more than one partner? You can say that’s absurd, but you can’t prove that with empirical evidence. Or rather you can, with a secret paternity test. It sounds like a crazy idea doesn’t it? But it’s not so crazy when you hear that researchers believe thirty percent of people might not know their real father. It’s also interesting to note that paternity tests are actually becoming increasingly common.

Broken Homes

That was the name given to a family that had suffered through a divorce. It’s probably not politically correct to refer to them like this anymore, and it might not even be true. Around 45 percent of marriages end in divorce, these days and having kids doesn’t shift the odds in either direction. But the good news is that researchers now believe the negative effect of divorce on children have been exaggerated. In fact, in many cases, divorce might be the best option for the kids of the family. Particularly, if it’s clear that the couple no longer cares about one another.

All Shapes And Sizes

Finally, the idea of the nuclear family is extinct. These days, families come in all different shapes and sizes and this is fantastic. Researchers have suggested that unsurprisingly, people will be more open to new ideas if they grow up around them. So by having more families with different belief systems and different relationships a world is thriving where everyone’s way of life is respected and understood.

Modern Families

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