Published On: Thu, Dec 14th, 2017

Don’t Let The January Blues Get To You

As Christmas is fast approaching and the new year is nearly upon us, there is no surprise that we are possibly feeling the pinch a little. It might be financially. Where you feel the pressure to buy gifts, prepare for the Christmas meal and guests with food and drink. It might just be the extra weeks between paydays that cause you to feel financially unstable. Maybe you are feeling the pinch when it comes to the actual pressure you can feel at this time of year. Pressure to get to all of the festive events you have been invited to. Pressure to complete your work and deadlines in time for the Christmas break. December, although a great month to enjoy with friends and family, can also be quite tough for some.


Once it is all over and done with. The last glass of wine has been drunk, and the mince pie has been eaten, you come to new year’s eve and you make yourself some resolutions. Maybe you want to lose some of the holiday weight you have gained, get fitter, spend more time with the family or have a career change. We often don’t realise that we also put pressure on ourselves again to enforce these changes throughout the month of January and this can lead on to us giving up at the first hurdle. January is well known for being a tough month, so I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can prepare now to avoid those January blues.

Don't Let The January Blues Get To You



Prepare as much as you can financially

A blue January is more often associated with your financial situation. Christmas can be an expensive time of year, and you can often feel the pinch in January and struggle to make ends meet. This is why preparing as much as you can financially will be the best thing to do. You could try and take the opportunity to sort out your financial situation. Maybe tackling the bills and seeing where you can make some savings. Meal planning to avoid overspending in the shops or even trying out one of those no spend months where you only buy what is necessary. Maybe it is just a short term solution you are after and things like a New Horizons loan could help you bridge the gap for those few weeks. Just make sure you remember to pay it back. Another solution could be to try and utilise some spare time you have and make some extra money on the side. Filling out online surveys, performing mystery shops, and even decluttering your home and selling unwanted things online can all be solid ways to boost your income in one of the toughest months of the year.


Set yourself realistic targets alongside your resolutions

All of us can indulge in a little resolution making. You may have a big long list of things you want to change or do in 2018, or you might just like the idea of having one or two things to focus on. The chances are, those resolutions are the end goal. To be a certain weight, to have done a certain thing. Heading into January with that as your focus isn’t ideal as the truth is changed don’t happen overnight. If you are going to make resolutions then the trick is to have your end goal, and to then set yourself smaller targets to help you on the journey to reaching it. Hitting the smaller targets keeps you motivated to continue on with your journey and more likely to complete your resolution throughout the year.


Give yourself things to look forward to throughout the month

As December can be a month where your diary is filled with all sorts of festive events and things to do, January can often look a little quiet as people are short on money or try to avoid certain situations to help them along with the new year’s resolutions. However, don’t let January pass you by in one blue haze. Instead, try and be more proactive and organise things to look forward. Maybe you could have booked a few days off in advance to really relax at home. Maybe you could host a party, or gathering amongst friends for a cheap night in where everyone contributes. Maybe you could have been really forward thinking and booked a holiday in January in which is already paid for ready for you to enjoy. No matter how big or small, give yourself things to look forward to throughout the month and this will help you to avoid feeling blue.

I hope these tips help you avoid the January blues this time around.