Published On: Sat, Sep 17th, 2016

The Most Dangerous Toys Ever Sold

These days, the standards for toy safety are higher than ever. When you go out and buy a little novelty for your child, most of us are fairly confident that it’s going to be completely safe, and that we’ll have no issue leaving them alone with it. However, standards weren’t always so high, and there are still one or two toys that slip through the net. Here are just a few incredibly dangerous toys that were once on the shelves.


First of all, Monster Science Colossal Water Balls. At some time or another, you’ve probably come across those tiny little capsules that are meant to grow into ginormous dinosaurs when placed in water. These toys disappointed boys and girls across the world by transforming into lumpy, moist, vaguely dinosaur-esque things. Monster Science Colossal Water Balls decided to make a toy that actually worked, expanding to 400 times its original size. The genius designers of these toys made them capable of expanding within a child’s small intestines, which resulted in several cases of life-threatening dehydration and vomiting. It’s a miracle a wrongful death attorney was never involved in a case against these. To make the whole tragedy worse, these things didn’t show up on X-ray and needed surgery to remove.

The Most Dangerous Toys Ever Sold

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Aqua Dots were another highly dangerous toy of recent decades. As we’re all aware, kids just love to put small, hazardous things in their mouth. As a result, non-toxicity is one of the major standards for any modern toy. However, certain lapses of judgment have occasionally created toys which are highly toxic. Aqua Dots were beads which could be arranged into patterns, and would “magically” fix together when sprayed with water. This was achieved by a coating of a highly toxic chemical. When kids ingested these, they could be put into a coma, suffer respiratory depression, or even suffer seizures. Millions of units were recalled when these health issues started coming up. One child even spent five days in hospital thanks to these seemingly innocent toys.


Finally, a real relic in the history of dangerous toys; Easy Bake Ovens. Apparently, there was a time when children weren’t content with lazing around during childhood and having cookies brought to them by their adoring parents. No, they wanted to do the work themselves. These working ovens, marketed as toys, were manufactured since the 60s, and were a very popular gift for kids all the way up to 2007. Despite the toy making it into the hall of fame, Hasbro was forced to do a massive recall.

This was due to a design flaw which allowed children’s fingers to get trapped in the door, and severely burned by the heating element. Considering that these “toys” could reach temperatures of 200 degrees, some of these injuries wouldn’t have been a simple case of running it under the tap! Tragically, one five-year-old had to have partial finger amputation.

We all moan about health and safety regulations here and there. Just remember, though, they’re protecting your kids from these most dangerous toys ever sold like these!



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