Published On: Thu, Jan 25th, 2018

Customers Are The Only Ones Who Can Improve Animal Rights

Customers and the general public are often shocked when they discover that a business they use isn’t as animal-friendly as they hoped. They act as though there was no possible way they could of known and this, of course, is not true. In the UK, there are a lot of farms now that keep cows indoors 365 days a year. This could have been noticed when fields were suddenly empty. Instead, the cows were being kept in cramped conditions 365 days a year. When people learn a fact like this, they tend to wonder what they can do. Most of us support the welfare of animals to live, at the very least, in conditions we consider humane. A lot of people have pets, and it doesn’t take much to drawn the comparison to an animal that we let sleep at the foot of our bed and one considered livestock.

If you are worried about the way that livestock are treated there are actions you can take.

Customers Are The Only Ones Who Can Improve Animal Rights

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Support Companies That Care

Some companies have initiatives in place to make sure that the animals used for their products are treated in a humane way. Glerups, for instance, has a farm to feet policy. This means that they keep track of the sheep that are used to make the wool for their products. That’s important because a lot of companies can say that they have no idea how the animals used for their products are treated. Or, even simply take the route of denying that there are any issues at all. Do companies like this deserve your support? Of course not and that’s why you should instead buy from businesses that do keep track.

The good news is that businesses like this are often keen to advertise their animal welfare policies if they are positive because it provides great publicity. As such, the best companies for animal rights are often easy to find.


Push Big Companies To Take Notice

You can also go one step further. Many people worried about animal welfare take action on sites like Here anyone can create a petition to try and bring change to the world. For instance, a young girl in the UK used the site to end the legality of battery hens. The campaign was partially successful with a number of supermarkets ending their sale of products from battery hens.

The sad truth is that change won’t happen unless businesses realize that customers care and will stop buying.


Support Philanthropists

Customers should also aim to support companies that have a philanthropic angle as part of the business model. Plenty of companies do their part to help the world, and some are intent to benefit the animals of the world, including animals used for making products.

It’s clear then that customers can take action if they want to help the animal rights cause. But it is up to them because without their support, or rather your support, nothing will change. Animals will keep suffering in the name of profit.