Published On: Mon, Feb 25th, 2019

What problems could you get if you use a bra with the wrong size?

Can the bra really affect the shape or well-being of your breasts? Yes, no doubt. Many women do not believe this, because in the end, the bra is nothing more than a piece of clothing, something superficial. However, in the organism these have a few effects: a) they are protecting a very sensitive skin, formed mainly by adipose tissue capable of adopting certain forms over time. B) They are attached to the back, one of the areas that receive the most tension by the volume of the chest or the posture as well.

In itself, the problem is not the bra. But if this piece, designed to hold the bust and shape it, is not suitable for its size, then it will stop fulfilling its function, or even worse, it will never have fulfilled it. It has become somewhat popular that the bra deforms the mammary anatomy and is the reason why the breasts fall, nothing further from reality. Now, are you sure you’ve been using it the right way?

Several studies indicate that 8 out of 10 women use inadequate bra sizes. The reasons that support this problem are very varied; they can begin with the lack of diffusion about this topic, little knowledge on the appropriate adjustments and the most serious of all: absolute ignorance about the functioning of their measures.

90A or 34C: Do you feel familiar with any of these types of measurements? You probably have some basic information about the subject, starting with the letter indicating the size of the breasts and the number before – yes, the one that looks like a coefficient – indicates the length of the band, that is, it is the measure of the circumference of your chest.

Now, that knowledge is insufficient and inefficient if you do not know that all the C cups are different according to this number on its left, for example. The size of a bra, in any of its presentations, implies a numerical relationship between two measures and these are the circumference of your chest and your chest, in its most prominent part.

Returning to the point of problems, let’s see some of the most common:

  • Greater flaccidity in the breasts
  • Mistreatment of the tissue, from the sternum to the back
  • Deforming breast tissue
  • Severe back or head aches
  • Discomfort during use
  • Unattractive appearance of the breasts

Why Does This Happen?

A 36B bra is designed for a medium size bust. Your cup is formed to completely protect the breasts, without letting any roll escape there, much less to pressure them to the point of causing pain. When this does not happen, the support is not able to sustain, and in the end it is the back which pays for the proportion of the breasts and misuse of the bra.


Gravity does not stop acting at any moment, and in the long run its effects are felt. In women with large breasts this is one of the biggest concerns, as due to the amount of tissue, the process to make this happen is much faster.

Bra sizes from smallest to biggest are each day more specific than we know. What is intended with this is that each woman is able to find the right relationship between her frame size and the cup. Mathematically there is a simple method, starting simply from a measure tape, a few minutes, and a table of measurements.

Today every woman can know exactly how big or small (in numbers) she needs her bra and also her possible substitute measurements. This is very important, since not all brands work under the same rigorous standard. This is the reason why a woman of a size 36C can move to a 38B with certain brands and certain models.

Improper size is the worst way to mistreat this delicate tissue. Many women get carried away by the most diffused myth about bras: all small-breasted women are automatically cup A and all women with large breasts are C and D. And the band? Well simply the one that fits best when placed on any of its pins. What a mistake!

It is also important to note that size is not the only thing that influences. Bras also have expiration date: they stretch, deteriorate and fail to provide adequate support. A regular change of bras, combined with a truly adequate size will make many more problems disappear than you imagine. It’s time to try it!