Published On: Mon, Apr 18th, 2016

Ecuador Earthquake: Death Jumps 272, 2,500 Injured

The 7.8 magnitude quake struck off the pacific coast Ecuador, on Saturday and was felt around Andean nation 16 million people, causing destruction  of capital Quito and destroying buildings, bridges and roads, Ecuador has been hit with enormous quake which measure to be greatest tragedy in the last 67 years.

Ecuador Earthquake Death Jumps 272, 2,500 Injured

The death rise up to 272 and 2,500 injured as survivors cobbled together with coffins to bury loved ones, lined up for water and shelter. Nearly 10,000 troops and 3,500 police have been deployed in the affected areas, as rescue operations continue.

Food and other essentials have been handed out to international aid. Colombia announced to send rescue teams with search dogs and its navy would carry water to the affected areas.

Gabriel Alcivar added, Pedernales, close to the epic center has been flattened. We are trying to make a quick rescue those who are in patch of destruction. Widespread damage is reported with bridge destroyed as far south Guayaquil about 300km away.

Ecuador Earthquake Death Jumps 272, 2,500 Injured (1)

BBC science correspondent

Ecuador has been hit with 7.0 greater events within 250km of this latest tremor since 1900 resulted in loss of life, not just shaking but also from tsunami waves. Country sits on the ‘Ring of Fire’- arc of high seismic activity that extends right around the Pacific basin boundary between Nazca and South American tectonic plates.

Nazca plate, which make up the Pacific Ocean floor, on this region pulling down under the South America coast. Authorities said there were more than 160 aftershocks, mainly in Pedernales and state emergency was declared in six provinces.

Ecuador quake has piled pain on economy of OPECs smallest member, already reeling from low oil prices and economy growth this year projected at near zero.

Ecuadorean quake followed two deadly quake that hit Japan on Thursday both countries located on the seismically active ‘’Ring of Fire’’ that circles the distances would probably not be related according to the US geographical Survey.




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