Published On: Wed, Nov 29th, 2017

Stunning Home Extension Ideas

Stunning Home Extension Ideas



Thinking of making some major changes to your home after christmas? Many of us use the new year as a fresh start for the home as well as life, and today we are going to look at some great ways you can extend your home to accommodate for your family in the new year.

Use What’s There

Don’t just extend out and leave everything else exactly the same. You can take the opportunity to move things around in your existing space too. For example, you could knock down a few walls and make the space more open plan, and then redecorate it to feel much more modern.


Build Up

To really get the most out of your extension and the money you put into your home, consider building a two storey extension for your home. Contact some architecture firms for advice on what shape to go for and the style if you want to make it different to the rest of the house, and it means you can create an extra bedroom, some office space or even a games room upstairs.


Yin and Yang

When you decide to extend your home, you need to choose what style you will go for on the new part of your home. You either need to contrast completely or go for the same style as your existing home. Make sure that the neighbours are happy with the style you choose before you start work because they will have to look at it all day too.



If you only want to extend out a little bit from you home, then creating a conservatory is a great way to save going through planning permission and also save some money on the build. If you insulate the conservatory well you can make the most of the space in the summer and use that as you main living room for the family.


Garden Room

Building something like a pergola or a veranda means that you have somewhere in your garden which is protected from the rain and also somewhere to sit out in the summer with your family and friends.


Modern Kitchen

If you want to create a modern and contemporary style kitchen for your extension, you don’t have to spend that much money buying a full kitchen kit and having someone install it. You can buy parts separately and build your own cupboards and shelves. You will find that with full control over your kitchen you will be able to choose what you love and make the space fit your style of kitchen and your needs.



If you have a large garden, a great idea would be to build a small annex which will act as a separate part of your home at the bottom of the garden. You could add a kitchen, dining space, bathroom and even bedroom to this small building. You can even make this into a small cottage and rent it out in the holidays for holidaymakers to earn some extra cash for your family.