Published On: Wed, Mar 13th, 2019

6 Strange Sounds In Your Home Solved

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When it comes to things that go bump in the night, you shouldn’t always assume that your home is haunted. Some sounds can have a logical explanation behind them. Here are just 6 common but strange sounds around the home and what they could possibly mean.

Scratching in the walls

Scratching sounds are often a sign of rodents in the walls. Mice can often be found in the walls of old houses chewing through the cladding in order to build a nest. Signs that you have a rodent infestation other than scratching include droppings and physical damage to the corners of walls. By hiring pest control you can find these rodents and drive them out. Scratching can also be cause by other pests such as cockroaches and could even be a trapped bird.  

Banging in the pipes

A banging sound in your pipes is likely to be water hammer. This is caused by water slamming against a closed valve. All pipes should contain air chambers that prevent this – when you turn off a tap, air in the pipes acts a cushion between the water and the valve. This air can disappear over time leading to water hammer. If you suspect this to be the problem, your best option is to shut off the water supply to your home and let all the faucets run until all the water has been drained from your home’s plumbing – this will allow air to re-enter the chambers in your pipes and will prevent the banding noise.

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Gurgling radiators

If your radiators are producing gurgling sounds, it could be due to trapped air. This is common in radiators and can be easily stopped by bleeding your radiators. To do this, you must use a radiator key, which you can buy from any home store for cheap. Bleeding your radiators will release the air and in turn stop the gurgling.

Clunking heating

Central heating systems can sometimes make clunking sounds when initially turned on. This is usually due to pipes heating up and expanding. The clunking is often the result of the pipe not having enough room to expand and therefore hitting clanging against floorboards or a wall. In most cases, you can ignore the sound without any harm being caused, but if it’s irritating you then you may want to hire a plumber to adjust your pipes.  

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Popping windows

Windows that make a loud popping noise in the middle of the day for no reason are usually nothing to worry about. Windows will often expand and contract when there is a temperature change, leading to a small popping sound. You should only worry if a crack also appears in your window.

Whistling air con

If your air conditioning unit is making a whistling sound, it could be the result of the filter getting blocked. Cleaning out a dirty air con filter is a vital task – not only will you prevent the whistling, but you’ll improve the air quality by no longer pumping out dirty air. You’re best hiring a professional to service your air conditioning.