Published On: Wed, Sep 21st, 2016

Revealed: The Critical Problems Facing Modern Healthcare

Healthcare is something that’s important for everyone. Just for a second, let’s imagine the world without it. How would we get treated for illnesses and diseases? To put it simply, we wouldn’t. In fact, you don’t even have to imagine the world like this. Just look back a few hundred years ago when health care wasn’t around. Life expectancy was much worse, and, simple diseases were life-threatening.

So, we need health care to help us survive and live healthy lives. The problem is, there are many issues with the modern system. In this piece, I’ll describe the three critical issues in more detail. Find out more, down below:

Critical Problems Facing Modern Healthcare


Extortionate Fees

To start things off, we’ll talk about the biggest problem in modern health care. It’s no secret that healthcare costs a lot of money. Sure, there are some countries that try and make it free. But, even then, there are flaws in the free system. It can usually mean massive waiting times for operations, etc. As a result, lots of people still opt for private healthcare.

It’s just a massive issue that it costs so much to take care of your health. Especially when you think about important problems that need to be addressed. Some operations can cost thousands of dollars, but, they’re essential for some people. It puts the public in a position where they’re priced out of getting the essential care they need.

Understandably, they’re high-priced for a reason. Certain operations and procedures cost hospitals a lot of money. So, they need to get it back somehow. It’s just a travesty that we, the people, are getting smacked in the face by medical fees. There has to be a better way of dealing with things. The government needs to think of ways they can put more money into the healthcare system.

If they provide hospitals with more money, it’s the only way fees will reduce. It’s plain wrong that some of us are denied healthcare because we can’t afford it. Obamacare looked to address this issue, but, the underlying problem is still there. Medical fees have been a huge problem for decades, and, the look set to continue being a problem too.

Critical Problems Facing Modern Healthcare


Appointment Systems

It’s worth starting this point by saying that some healthcare providers have good appointment systems. And, some people can call up and get one with ease. However, for the majority of people, it’s a hard task trying to get a simple appointment with their doctor. I’ve narrowed this down to two factors. Firstly, some healthcare providers have a flawed system by which they hand out appointments. I know some places where you must call before half eight in the morning to get an appointment on that day. If you’re late, then you’re looking at a waiting time of four weeks minimum.

The idea behind this is to reserve same day appointments for people with emergencies. And, on some levels, it does make sense. However, in most respects, it’s completely flawed. I feel like healthcare providers need to come up with easier ways for people to get an appointment. Otherwise, there are millions of people being made to wait longer for medical attention.


Secondly, the main factor is that people live busy lives. It’s hard for them to make appointments when they have a life to live. It’s even harder when systems are as flawed as they are. So, something has to be done to make it easier for busy people to see their doctors. Thankfully, there is a recent development called telemedicine. This is computer software that lets you book online appointments and have video consultations. You can get more info from Chiron Health if you want to understand more. Basically, it’s a way for people to get medical attention with ease. For me, every healthcare provider needs to make good use of this. It helps address problems with the appointment system, and, more people get the healthcare they need when they need it!

Critical Problems Facing Modern Healthcare


Lack Of Staff

One of the biggest issues with modern healthcare is the lack of staff in some institutions. You hear about this all the time on the news. Hospitals are understaffed and in desperate need of more nurses and doctors. The problem is, this career path isn’t as attractive as it used to be. Studying to get into the healthcare industry takes a lot of hard work. It can consume a huge chunk of your life just to qualify as a nurse/doctor. So, after all, that effort, you want to enter a career with good prospects. Finding a job is easy, but, people are still put off, why? Because medical professionals get treated like dirt. They’re overworked and underpaid all the time. That’s why you see so many strikes happening on the TV. Especially from student doctors that get the worst treatment of them all. Imagine being made to work long shifts and still get paid poorly. You have to understand that working in healthcare is a tough task. You experience so many things every day; it takes a lot out of you both physically and mentally. So, when you get treated badly, it doesn’t make it worthwhile at all.

There needs to be a massive change in the way healthcare professionals are treated. If the career path is made more attractive, then you’ll see a rise in doctors/nurses. There will be fewer strikes, and staff issues will be a thing of the past. It shouldn’t be hard, just give them the pay they deserve as well as better benefits. Again, this goes back to the issue of money and the healthcare industry. Considering how important it is to everyone’s life, there isn’t enough being invested in it by the government.

The worrying thing about these problems is that only one can be dealt with right now. The appointment system can be altered and improved with ease. But, the other two problems are so big, they can take years to fix. Hopefully, someday, we live in a country that has a better and less flawed healthcare system.