Published On: Tue, Dec 12th, 2017

The Proven Benefits Of Gaming For Kids And Adults Alike

Why is it that people still think gaming is bad? Of course, too much of anything can be bad. Even supposedly good things, like exercise and drinking water. However, in moderation, gaming can be beneficial for both kids and adults. Providing you’re not stuck to a screen for hours a day, a little gaming could potentially make you better in everyday life. Playing for a few hours every week could significantly improve certain skills and make you happier.


The proven benefits of gaming you could enjoy:


Gaming Produces Better Surgeons

If you have dreams of being a surgeon, gaming could help to make you a better one. Surgeons made up to 32% fewer errors when they played for more than 3 hours per week. Even if you don’t want to be a surgeon, it just goes to show that gaming can help with attention to detail and focus.

Benefits Of Gaming For Kids And Adults



Gaming Can Help People To Overcome Dyslexia

Dyslexia affects more people than we realize, but gaming can actually help those affected to overcome the symptoms. Although gaming may not make dyslexia disappear completely, it can help with attention difficulties and improve tasks that require intense focus.


Gaming Can Improve Vision

Gaming may improve rather than strain your vision, like so many people believe. As gaming requires your intense focus, people even showed improvement in lazy eyes with a set amount of gaming each day. If you’re noticing a change in your vision or you’d just like to be sure that your vision isn’t going to decline in the long term, now could be the time to start gaming.


Gaming Can Help In Landing A Great Career

If you want a great career, gaming could be a way to help improve your skills and develop leadership traits. You could play a variety of games. Why not play with Noctis in the new FFXV city builder? Whatever you choose to play, you’ll be building key skills while having fun. You won’t even realize that you’re building skills at all!


Gaming Can Get Kids Moving

Getting kids moving these days can be a struggle, what with social media and all kinds of other platforms designed to keep them sitting still. Modern gaming can require movement, such as using a Wii fit to play things like basketball, tennis, skateboarding and more. Some games even require dancing. Adults even find it helpful to get moving with gaming. Not only that, one more benefits of gaming, it may help kids to develop an interest in the sport or hobby in real life.


Gaming Can Help People To Make Faster Decisions

You know when you just need to make a decision but you don’t seem to be able to? Gaming can help with that too. Some people struggle with big decisions, like their career path, while others struggle to decide what chocolate bar to buy from the shop. Whatever you struggle with, gaming could help you. There’s no time to dilly dally in the online world; when you game, you need to make decisions fast, or it could literally be life or death. Making fast decisions like this in the online world can definitely help you to make faster, better decisions in the offline world.


Gaming Can Curb Cravings

If you’re the kind of person who suffers with cravings, whether after dinner or during the afternoon slump, gaming could help you. Gaming doesn’t just cure food cravings either; but cravings for things like drugs and alcohol. A study shows that Tetris in particular is a great game to play if you struggle with cravings. If you want to kick cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, or something else, playing a game could be the way to go.


Gaming Can Reduce Stress

If you’re particularly stressed out with everyday life, switching to the online world could help you to cut that stress in half. That’s right; certain titles reduced the adrenaline response by over 50 percent in tests and studies. Try a fighting game to see if that helps you to get some of the anger out! Just don’t spend so much time in the online world that you actually make yourself more stressed. Too much of anything can be bad.


What do you think of the proven benefits of gaming? Providing kids are playing games suitable for their age, and that hours and hours aren’t being spent on a game each day, the benefits of gaming can definitely outweigh the cons of gaming. Which game are you going to play? Leave your thoughts below.