Published On: Sun, Nov 5th, 2017

Masculinity In Chemical Form Is Just As Important

The chemicals in male bodies that keep them working and functioning properly are actually important in more ways than one. The natural level of testosterone is what makes a man a man. It’s not just a part of his personality, and even though he may not sense or realise it, it’s also conducive to his health. Most people know what hair grows because of the level of testosterone in your body, and low levels can actually see that you hair begins to thin out and then fall out.

However, this chemical is also important for health reasons that affect especially men, internally. Testosterone is linked to bravery, courage, aggression and the ability to take risks that the female counterpart is not able to take or is at least hesitant to do so. However, this comes with a downside because men live shorter lives because of the taxing effects testosterone has. Yet, recently the chemical has broken through a medical taboo, that now shows it helps men who are taking it.

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The pilot study

Men and women are prone to different types of cancer. Unfortunately for men, they are more likely to develop prostate cancer, as opposed to women who are prone to breast cancer. Men who are suffering from prostate cancer can be treated with testosterone therapy, and can, in fact, see an improvement in their living standard. With all treatments, there are of course risks and possible side effects, but seven men nonetheless signed up to have ADT, i.e. androgen deprivation therapy. These men were given testosterone for up to seven year. Their experiences improved and showed signs of vitality, a boost in strength, increased in the sexual drive as well as physical function and none experienced any unexpected complications. There was no event akin to what was predicted, and in fact, the men thanked those who gave the chance to be on the study, as they lived improved lives all around.

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Know the parameters

Whenever there is a new story that paints a negative picture about testosterone, it’s usually off of a tragedy involving a bodybuilder. People think that growth hormone and testosterone are directly linked despite being different chemicals. This is why it’s important to know the difference and know what illegal steroids are. Hgh is banned in many countries and is sold on the black market in many anabolic chemical vials, as mentioned before, purely to aid the growth of muscle in the bodybuilding sport. However, testosterone is the other natural hormone that men’s bodies produce naturally, and not seen as on the same level risk wise, in terms of taking it. It’s advisable to read the law regarding your country and state, to know whether taking this chemical is within legal practices because as mentioned, it could help you to live a better life.


The human body is always full of surprises, and even though sometimes it can feel like it’s working against you, the natural chemicals it produces can not only improve your life but potentially save it as well. In careful doses, testosterone can help those with advanced forms of prostate cancer.