Published On: Tue, Dec 20th, 2016

Getting Fit Without Stepping Foot In a Gym


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It’s that time of year again!Everyone is carefully laying out their resolutions for the new year, expecting to make a difference with their health this year. Of course, most people don’t keep up with their promises much later than January. A dislike for the gym or a lack of motivation strikes, and people give up. So, why not give exercise outside of the gym a try?

Instead of spending an hour in a room with a group of sweaty folks, you can do all of your exercise at home or outside. You will need to invest in some equipment. But, considering the
price of a gym membership, these options are usually quite cheap in the long run. This post will go through some of the equipment that you can buy, and what you can use it for. Everything in the post will be budget oriented, to make sure that you get the best value possible.


  • Some Weights And Bars

Near enough any muscle in your body can be exercised with bodyweight exercises and a few weights. You definitely don’t need an entire suite of machines to do it for you. With a set of weights, ranging in size and mass, you have nearly everything you need. With two dumbbell bars and a longer barbell bar, you have the rest.

These tools will give you everything you need to perform hundreds of different exercises. Thankfully, you don’t have to learn these by yourself. Instead, use the Internet to find resources that help you with weightlifting. Obviously, if these tools are mistreated, they can be very dangerous. Always make sure that you are performing exercises correctly, and don’t leave heavy weights lying around.


  • A Bike

Cycling is one of the best exercises out there when it comes to cardio. It isn’t an impact exercise, like running. So, your joints don’t get damaged while you’re at it. While strengthening your heart and making you fitter, cycling also gives your core strength a good boost. Plus, have you ever seen a cyclist with weedy legs? Cycling can easily be melded with normal life. Using it as your main form of transportation will help you to see more of your home area, and may even make your commutes faster. Bikes can cost nearly nothing or a small fortune.

So, you can no doubt afford at least something. But, along with that, you also need a helmet. These are quite cheap, but it’s not worth skimping on them. You may also want to insure your bike if it costs you a lot. Getting protected and making bicycle claims is easier than ever, though. So, you won’t find it hard to cover yourself.

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  • Some Good Running Shoes

Although running does damage joints, it’s still a wonderful exercise. You can push your body to it’s true limits with running, and you don’t have to venture too far. Running is becoming more and more popular, so it doesn’t look out of place to see people doing it on the streets. You’ll notice each run getting easier and easier, as you get fitter. And, running provides you with some free time to think.

To avoid much of the damage from running, it’s worth investing in some good running shoes. Even if you spend a lot, it will still be cheaper than your annual gym membership. It’s easy to find groups of people to run with if you’re inner city. So, you can get some motivation by running with some new friends.


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  • A Bench

Going back to weights, a bench is always a good investment. You can pick them up for nearly nothing secondhand, or you can even make them yourself. They enable you to do more with your weights, such as back and shoulder exercises. And, they also open up the possibility to do more bodyweight exercises. Benches are designed to get you into the right position. If they’re set up correctly, it’s hard to use them in a dangerous way.

  • Just One More Bar!

Bodyweight exercises are some of the best exercises you can perform. They don’t put too much stress on your body because the weight is limited to your bodyweight. And, they get you accustomed to moving your own body. This is a great place to start your lifting career. Pushups and chin ups are great if you want to work your arms. For push ups, you just need to lookup the best form online. For chin ups, you need to invest in a tool. Chin up bars are cheap to buy and can be installed between a doorway. Along with your bench, this gives you everything you need to start training your body.


Hopefully, this will inspire you to stick to the resolution this year and keep fit forever.