Published On: Sat, Sep 17th, 2016

Four Pesky Drawbacks Of Cycling And How You Can Prevent Them

Four Pesky Drawbacks Of Cycling And How You Can Prevent Them

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We all love bicycling. With an activity that lets you experience the joy of the great outdoors and get fit while doing it, what’s there to hate? But while cycling is a largely beneficial hobby, there are a few problems cyclists may experience. The good news is most of these issues are relatively straightforward to prevent. Here are some of the hidden drawbacks Of Cycling you should watch out for.


On the small list of complaints cyclists have about their hobby, injuries are at the top. Although cycling is mostly safe for your body, occasional injuries can happen.

Joint issues are one of the biggest problems you may face, particularly for older cyclists. Your knees are particularly at risk, being the area used the most in pedaling. It’s worth using protective equipment such as a knee sleeve to avoid any pain in this area.

Making sure you have correct technique posture can avoid most problems. Slouching while you cycle may cause pain to your back. Bad wrist positioning can also lead to handlebar palsy. Most of these problems are easy to take care of, so keep your form straight and you shouldn’t have to worry.

Bicycle Theft

Passionate cyclists spend a lot of money on getting the perfect bike. An excellent road bike is ideal for using for all purposes, whether that be a country cycle or your daily commute. One of the hidden drawbacks of this is thieves may try to get their hands on your bike.

Whenever you leave your bike unattended, it’s important that you lock it up. This is particularly crucial in busy city areas, where bike thieves often operate. Don’t use a cheap lock, either. It’s worth investing in the best bike lock to protect your bicycle. U-locks are particularly useful for deterring thieves.

It’s also worth looking into bike insurance to cover yourself financially in case of theft. Most busy bike-parking areas will have CCTV in operation, so this isn’t an issue you should stress out too much over.

Danger On The Road

The road can be a particularly dangerous place for cyclists. Road cycling is required in some areas, so make sure you learn how to cycle on the road. Sticking to bike paths wherever you can is helpful for staying out of harm’s way.

Although road cycling is safe when done right, there are still times it can be troublesome. Since bicycles are less visible than cars, some drivers may not see you at night. In these situations, it’s best to wear reflective gear to avoid any problems.

Bike Maintenance

Just like with any other vehicle, a bicycle is made up of numerous components which need to run smoothly. There are many services offering bike maintenance and repair. Even if you think there’s nothing wrong with your bike, it’s worth getting it checked on from time to time. Issues like loose brakes can be hard to notice sometimes.

The good thing about bike maintenance is you can handle most of it yourself. You should keep a bike pump and some WD-40 handy in case of any issues with your tires or chain. There are many tutorials online for fixing your bike if something goes wrong.



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