Published On: Thu, Jan 31st, 2019

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In the 80s we dream of the future and the future is now! Thanks to goodbye to the old and obsolete technology, which stopped working in times of emergency. A high-quality technology has been developed for older people so they can continue with their daily lives and the most important thing is to live without worries.

Above age uk personal alarms can be used anywhere. Feel safe anywhere at home or out running errands or having fun with friends. Not only will you feel safe, but family members will feel at ease knowing you are wearing this device.

Personal Alarms

Gives independent living a whole new outlook. Being independent is very important to the elderly. Wearing an above age uk personal alarms is a feeling of freedom, ready to venture out while feeling safe and secure.

“I remember my grandfather when he used those strange devices that if he left his house he lost the signal it was very annoying … One day my grandfather fainted and nobody was at his side to help him. Now, thanks to, my Grandfather and the whole family feel sure that my grandfather is protected 24/7. An above age uk personal alarms has GPS tracking, to keep track of my grandfather in case he happens to wander off. No more lost signal”

Forget of old and traditional products that only one button was pressed again and again with the hope that it would work and you would have to wait between 20 to 40 minutes until help arrived, but all that is over.

They have a wide variety of products that without a doubt are reliable and with prices accessible to everyone.

Also includes a great SureSafe TalkSafe 24/7 Monitoring talking pendant that allows you to speak to whoever you are communicating with, wherever you are, no matter where they are in the house, time is short and more when we need help.

We can now be sure that when we press the button an operator will answer us,that is peace of mind. No need for a landline. Uses mobile phone technology, so you can be as independent as you want and feel safe.

One of the products that you can not miss at home is the great FALLSAFE 24/7 an automatic fall detector. Unfortunately, falls happen. If an above age uk personal alarm is worn and you fall, or for people who have physical problems and diseases such as epilepsy or heart problems, and who can not ask for help, this is the device.

It is activated automatically by feeling a fall and makes a call for help, thanks to its efficient and fast technology it was able to save the lives of those people we love the most.


“Gives you peace of mind, knowing you are always safe and you will never be alone”.

Also, the magnificent SURESAFEGO 24/7 Connect “ANYWHERE” alarm, this accessory provides peace of mind because it has super modern technology, using a GPS tracker included, where you can locate your location with exact precision and is also portable, lightweight and 100% waterproof.


Without a doubt, think about the people we love the most, it is a prestigious and leadership company.