Published On: Tue, Feb 13th, 2018

When Cycling Resolutions Go Wrong

For anybody who’s decided to up their fitness game, getting a bicycle is, for sure, a great idea. Not only can you get fit, but at the same time you can still get everywhere you need to. Contrary to your gym membership, riding a bike is effective cardio that you can quickly make part of your daily routine. As a result, it’s no wonder that more and more people in town decide to switch public transport facilities for a bike. All it takes to keep your outfit clean is a cycle clip, and you’re ready to go. Besides, you can get to your destination faster than with most public transport, and you’re sure to improve your fitness level in the process. Except when it goes wrong.

When Cycling Resolutions Go Wrong

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Riding to work

The main advantage of owning a bicycle is that you can easily make it part of your fitness routine. After all, when you think about it, riding to work and back five days a week is an excellent workout! Needless to say: It beats the dullness of the gym if you’re not into treadmills and weightlifting. And contrary to running, cycling is gentle on your joints so that you can practice for longer without hurting yourself. In short, when you decide to switch your main form of transportation for a bike, you might think that you’re visibly improving your lifestyle. But, you need to remain cautious.


Beware of traffic

Even though you might be freer and quicker in traffic, a collision against a car can be devastating. Numerous cyclists, including professional ones, were killed by careless drivers. So, you need to remain attentive, and even more than if you were driving a car. Indeed, car accidents can be deadly when they involve cyclists. While you can often demand compensation for any lasting damage, it would be a lot better safer to keep a safe distance between motorized vehicles and yourself.


Even if you stay at a safe distance, cars can harm you

Admittedly, even if you’re far from cars, it doesn’t mean that they can’t harm you. Indeed, in urban areas, the air pollution can be so bad that it can put your health at risk if you spend more than 30 minutes in traffic. Not every town is heavily polluted, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a risk you should take. If you tend to suffer from coughing fits or eye irritation after you’ve been walking in the streets, you might be sensitive to air pollutants.

What’s the solution?

Ultimately, unless your town decides to ban cars from its center, it will be difficult to reduce your risks as a cyclist significantly. So, if you want to continue to enjoy your bike and improve your fitness levels safely, it’s best to look for car-free, rural trails. Admittedly, this might mean that you can’t use your bike during the week. But getting fit isn’t worth putting your life and lungs in danger.

There are areas in Germany and in Northern European countries where bicycles have become a large part of town transportation. As a result, bike tracks are secure and promote a safe infrastructure, which reduces the risk of accidents. Consequently, more people travel on bikes and less in cars, keeping the air in town cleaner. In short, safe cycling isn’t an impossible dream: We just need to be patient.