Published On: Fri, Sep 7th, 2018

Being Mentally Fit As Well As Physically: Keeping Safe When We Head Outside To Exercise

Being Mentally Fit As Well As Physically: Keeping Safe When We Head Outside To Exercise



Getting outdoors and exercising is, arguably, the best way to get fit. It’s the perfect combination of the elements, such as wind and rain, but you are also working your nervous system to its limits. There’s no sense of comfort or air conditioning, unlike the modern gym. But, when we head out either on the road, or up into the mountains to test our abilities, we need to make sure that we are safe. Are there any simple things we can do to prepare ourselves?

Protect The Areas Where Blood Doesn’t Flow So Easily

This is especially important in winter. Because blood flow tends to concentrate itself in the core of your body, especially now the temperatures are dipping in the lead-up to winter, this can leave your hands, ears, feet, and head vulnerable. It’s important, especially when you head out cycling, to keep these extremities sufficiently insulated. If you are keen on feeling the burn when you’re out running in freezing cold temperatures, it’s worth purchasing shoes a bit bigger than your shoe size.

Plan Your Exercise Route

This is extremely important, especially if you are heading out in the night. If you are someone who prefers to run when it’s dark, and there’s less traffic on the roads, it’s always worth telling someone the route you’re going, and how long you intend to be. It’s important, especially if you are out in the dark, that you are wearing luminous clothing, so cars can see you from a distance, and so there is no need for a car accident lawyer to get involved if there’s a major mishap. A lot of people prefer to run on the road, but we need to still have some common sense.

Always Keep Hydrated

Put simply, even if you are heading out in cold weather, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated, and if you are heading out for a long 5-mile run, you can easily get dehydrated, so take a portable water bottle.

Feel Safe And Secure

You may live in an area where it’s not particularly safe to head out at night, or you are keen on trying out a route that you’ve never been on before. And this is why it’s important to tell someone where you’re going, but if you really have no idea about where you are heading to, is it worth actually going there in the first place? You have to feel safe and secure, whether you are running in the middle of a city, or out in the sticks. If you feel safe and secure, then so will your loved ones. They won’t need to worry about you, and so, you are making the most of your exercise.

By all means, we need to push ourselves, which is why it’s great to get out into the elements. But nowadays, there are so many hazards out there, but we need to be doubly sure we are keeping ourselves sufficiently protected. Planning ahead is always ideal if you want to get the most out of your outdoor exercise routines.