Published On: Mon, Sep 5th, 2016

Age Related Illnesses You Need To Know About Now

Getting older should be about having more time and freedom for fun. But for many retired people, it is an endless battle against various age-related illnesses. There are many health complaints that become more common as we get older. Some may be related to the lifestyle choices we made when we were younger. Others may be genetically predisposed. Knowing what the risks are now can help you prepare for a healthier future.

One of the most common problems affecting our aging population is dementia. Conditions like Alzheimer’s can be truly catastrophic for a family. There are many funded and charity organizations working hard to find a prevention or cure. For now, most of us are affected in some way by this condition. Studies so far have found that keeping the mind stimulated, challenged and active can help stave off the condition. Puzzles and music are thought to be helpful.

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Aging can also make the body much weaker. Muscle tone can diminish, and bone density may cause us to become more fragile. Regular exercise and a nutrient-rich diet now and for the rest of our lives can help reduce these problems. As the risk of strain and injury increases with age, it is important to evolve your exercise program to consider this. As we slow down in retirement, weight gain can be a problem. Staying active and reducing our calorie intake appropriately can avoid this.

Cancer has become a common problem for us all. One in three will be affected by it. The chances of developing prostate cancer for men could be even higher as we age. You can check out Comprehensive Urology for details of how this condition can be treated. Less invasive treatments are being developed to reduce recovery times and side effects of the condition.

Heart disease is more common in the over 50s age group than in younger people. There are many reasons why someone may develop heart disease. The most common is diet. Avoiding high fat and high cholesterol foods can help diminish your risk of developing heart disease as you age. Those that are overweight could be in a higher risk category for many other illnesses and conditions. Stroke can be devastating for those who suffer one. Staying fit and healthy within a good weight range is thought to reduce the risk of it.

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Your vision will change as you age. Macular degeneration is very common. Vision can be improved by wearing glasses. Regular vision checks will ensure there are no other eye problems present. Cataracts are more common than you think. This can be corrected but usually requires a surgical procedure. Hearing can also be lost over time. However, it is lifelong damage that is the biggest cause of hearing problems later in life. Avoid prolonged exposure to excess noise.

By taking care of your body in your youth, you can help prevent the effects of aging affecting your lifestyle in retirement. Set up good habits for life now that you know you can sustain. Enjoy your retirement in good health.