Published On: Sat, Jun 9th, 2018

What Is It Really Like To Be Rich?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be rich? We’re not talking about the people who earn 100K a year. We mean rich, rich. What would it be like to be part of the one percent? In case you didn’t know the one percent we’re talking about here is the one percent of the world population that control the majority of the world’s wealth. You might think that when you’re that rich it’s all sunshine and roses and while that’s true it’s not quite as great as it seems. So, let’s discover what it’s really like to be rich.


You Can Earn Well Over The Average Annual Income With One Social Media Post

What happens when you post a picture on social media? Not much, you might get a few likes, a few shares, some of those hearts. What happens if a Kardashian posts on social media? They could earn upwards of $250,000 for just one post. This is also why when Kylie said Snapchat was over their stock took a nosedive. It’s crazy that these people have this much power in the world today, particularly when you think about their actual claim to fame. But, this is the world we live in and to be honest and it’s not that much worse than why some other people are famous and rich.


Is it possible to achieve this type of income if your last name isn’t Kardashian or Jenner? There are various people right now trying to become Instagram stars. Once you reach a million followers, you will start earning a sizeable amount for every post. But, you do have to be a) nice to look at and b) confident enough to show some skin. Or, you need a strong brand that will carry you. You can see the type of photos that earn this type of money below:



And You Can Forget About Public Transport

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see rich people on planes? That’s because they don’t use public planes. They don’t even travel in first class. Instead, they buy or charter their own private planes. Political leaders use transport like a presidential jet while celebs and other famous people have smaller put equally impressive private jets to travel around in. You’ll never see them taking a taxi either unless they’re trying to look like one of the people. Instead, they have chauffeur drivers.

What Is It Really Like To Be Rich?

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Can you get your own chartered jet? It’s actually not as expensive as most people assume but you might have to choose between the jet and the luxury destination if you’re only on an average income. However, there are plenty of jobs that will allow you to travel on a private jet. For instance, if you’re a member of the White House Press team, you’ll be taken around on Air Force One for important press events.


But It’s Easy Come Easy Go

You would be amazed how many of the one percent eventually end up in trouble with money. Why is this? They tend to overspend. Everyone was impressed when Johnny Depp revealed he had bought an island and making seventy million for one film, you’d think he could afford it. But you have to remember that it’s not the initial purchase. It’s the cost of the upkeep. If the money runs out or your income stutters, you’ll have a hard time keeping up that luxury lifestyle. That’s exactly what happened to Depp when he started to get more misses than hits and became a less bankable star. The rich also have the most to lose because they are targeted. When Meghan Markle was announced to wed Prince Harry, the extended family began to emerge from the Woodwork. Similarly, there have been rumours that Stan Less has been bled dry by his ‘family’ as well. It can be rough when you’re rich and there’s no hint of irony in that statement.

What Is It Really Like To Be Rich?

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And It Won’t Make You Happy

As it turns out, the idea that money can’t buy happiness is true. Rates of suicide and depression are the same in the world of the once percent as they are in the rest of society. Some high paid careers even have higher rates of depression. Actors, for instance, are more likely to suffer from manic depression. People often wonder how celebrities and the rich can end their life when they have the money to get the help they need or at least buy their happiness. Of course, there’s more to life than riches and possessions and it doesn’t help that many will turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the pressure as well.


Plus You’ll Be Giving Up Your Privacy And Freedom

What Is It Really Like To Be Rich?

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It’s important to be aware that when you reach a certain level of wealth your privacy is essentially wiped away. Unless you go to a private beach, you will be snapped on holiday and pictures will appear in the news. This is particularly true for celebs. Your past will be dredged up as well and the #metoo movement is the perfect example of this. During the #metoo movement, a lot of celebrities were called out for sexist and indecent behavior as well as actual crimes. While witness repeatedly came forward this wasn’t enough for the media. With no leads and no evidence of wrongdoing they called up random people connected with celebrities and asked if they had any stories to tell. Journalists are always eager to get exclusives, regardless of personal privacy.


But You’ll Live In A Bubble

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Although despite the lack privacy and the same issues with mental health, it’s true to see that the life of a member of the one percent is nothing like our own. They go-to exclusive clubs, exclusive parts of the world, access medicine that isn’t on the market and even have a say in political decisions. It’s a crazy lifestyle and it’s one that you’ll probably never experience yourself. These people live on incomes that are large enough to keep an entire town fed. In fact, they’re large enough to feed an entire country.