Published On: Fri, Jan 11th, 2019

Sarees Wearing Crimes You Must Never Commit


That sarees is a popular attire in India is not questionable. It is one of those versatile pieces of clothes you will not just find in India alone, but also beyond the borders, including fashion cities such as New York, Milan, and Munich. However, its popularity and the fact that it has been around for a long time doesn’t mean that people know how to wear it correctly.

Some people, especially non-Indians usually find it difficult to wear the sarees correctly, and as such, they miss out on the incredible benefits that this kind of attire has. They fail to tap on the beauty and elegance that comes with the dress, and as such, they miss on a wonderful opportunity to look awesome. To help you out and ensure that you don’t mess up with the sarees, here are some of the wearing mistakes you must avoid at all costs-:

Pairing with an unfitting blouse

If you are not aware, then you should know that the blouse is the source code of the complete saree outfit, and as such, it is imperative that you get the right blouse at all times. Whether it is a plain saree or a designer saree, the blouse must just be the right one or else it will throw all the great looks you had hoped to achieve down the drain.

It is sad to see ladies having either a big blouse or very tight fitting ones for their sarees. Always observe saree blouse basics by ensuring that the blouse is not too fitting, and it should also not reveal a lot of flesh in your body. Decency is still imperative and it is something you should not ignore simply because you want to look hot.

Wearing too low or too high

Whether you wear saree too low or too high will primary depend on the shape of your body as well as the amount of belly fat you have. This is not to say that sarees should be won with people with a certain amount of body fat, or only by people with certain body shapes, but all you need to know is be aware of your body shape as well as the amount of belly fat because these two will have a direct impact on the kinds of looks you will ultimately have with the saree.

If you think you are too learned or too trimmed, then sarees with low waist tying will always look great in you. Such will also look great in women with broad shoulders and wide structures. However, if you have a tall frame and a lean, toned figure, then you should avoid the low sarees and instead opt for the high ones.

Wearing sarees that are not pleated properly

The essence of sarees is to make you look great. It is a versatile piece of attire you can rely on for any occasion. But in as much as there are different types and designs, it is usually irritating to see ladies wearing sarees that are not properly pleated. Such will always give disgusting looks and you will never be able to pull the kinds of looks you had hoped for.

For a good saree, go for sarees that are not overly hyped, or those that have been heaped carelessly, especially at the naval region because such will not always have the sarees-effect on the onlookers. If you are short, don’t go for sarees with more than five pleats, and if you are tall, your sarees should have between five and seven pleats. You should also ensure that with the pleats, the parallel symphony is also maintained if you desire to pull off the best looks with attire at all times.

The length of the Pallu

The length of the pally also matters a lot when it comes to getting it right with your sarees. Pallus and pleating are some of the saree wearing components that when you get wrong, you will miss out on all the pleasures of having the sarees. Now that you know how to go about the pleats, what you need to know about the pallu is that it should never be short, irrespective of the length of the saree.

When it is shot, the entire outfit will appear dull and outdated. The best height should be in tandem with your own height, and it should be something you can easily handle when wearing the saree. If you have a heavy saree, using a lengthy pallu would be advisable to help add more volume to the outfit. All in all, the ideal length of the pallu should be between five and seven inches right at the knee level.

Using sarees with the wrong petticoat

If you have decided to wear a saree, then it is important to ensure that all the three pieces are maintained from all the sides. If some of the layers are to be hidden beneath the sarees, then no one will be looking at them and such, there would be no point in having them on. For the petticoat, you should never wear a bright colored one under a light saree and you should also ensure that the material of the petticoat is the same as the material of the saree. Otherwise, the two may stick together and they make it difficult for you to move freely and enjoy the comfort of the saree. There are various online stores you can get quality sarees online, with the major ones stores being the likes of Amazon, Jabong, Flipkart and Myntra. Stylecaret is also another place worth checking out, given that it is one of the fast-growing online shops in India.

Using too many pins

sarees pins is a popular attire in India

Using pins in Indian attires is common, but when it comes to attires such as sarees, you need to observe moderation and ensure that you don’t use too many pins on your saree. In as much as it is impossible to wear sarees without pins, using too many pins will destroy the beauty and the elegance of the outfit. Always remember that sarees are designed to allow users to be free, and as such, you should always let them flow freely. Use as few pins as possible to keep things super simple yet elegant and comfortable.