Published On: Thu, Mar 3rd, 2016

Here is Perfect Ways to Apply Concealer

Girls always get conscious about their skin, style and fashion. There are a wide range of beauty products to use. But make sure, you should know about exact use of these products. Concealer is one of best product to use. If you are applying concealer with right way then you can get wonderful, shiny and beautiful look. Here we are going to tell you using correct ways to apply concealer.

Ways to Apply Concealer

Following are right ways to Apply Concealer:

Things you need : Two Concealers (One is lighter from skin and another is matching with skin tone), Loose Powder, Brush, Blender

Always apply concealer after foundation. Apply concealer according to these ways.

  1. Tips to Conceal Dark Circles

Ways to Apply Concealer

The best way is to conceal these dark circles by providing peach tone. Now start according to following steps.

  • Start from the inside of the eye to the middle. Now pat the concealer in the area with your ring finger. After that use a blender to smooth it. If skin tone is dark then provide orange shade.
  • Now follow it with lighter shade of concealer. Make sure, it should not be too much lighter. Conceal in a triangle shape area.
  • If you want concealer does not wiped away then use blender and pat motion.
  1. Tips to Conceal Darkness around Mouth

Ways to Apply Concealer

  • With a brush apply light shade concealer around mouth.You can pat and bland this. If you have dark tone then it will offer you brighten look.
  • Apply thin layer of concealer to cover all scars. You can use brush on the spots. Set concealer by using some loose powder.
  1. Tips to Complete Makeup

Ways to Apply Concealer

  • Now, apply concealer on the bridge of nose, tip, chin and on forehead.
  • Blend it perfectly.

Now, you get an amazing look by apply concealer with right ways.