Published On: Thu, Dec 28th, 2017

How to Handle Non-Uniform Day’s

What to Wear on Uniform Day

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Nobody really likes to wear uniforms.  They can be basic and boring attire at best and plain ugly or ridiculous at worse.  The main challenge is that they are designed to be uniform – they strip us of our individuality and make us blend in with the crowds, indeed, by their very design they are engineered to make us look the same as everyone else.  

The concept of a uniform goes against our innate and intrinsic need to be an individual, and therefore, when it’s non-uniform day we all want to look at your best – we want to express our individuality and unique sense of self by showing the world who we are deep down by expressing ourselves on the outside.  

The challenge people tend to face on non-uniform days is that it can be difficult to find the right balance between standing out, in a good way, and standing out – in a bad way.  The overarching principle is to wear clothes that you love… not that other people love, or that you feel you should wear in order to “fit in” – but because you love them… clothes that make you feel like you!

For, if you are being true to yourself in the sense of your own unique tastes, style, and preferences then surely you can’t go wrong… or can you?  Today’s culture where style and fashion is emphasised within movies, magazines and even social media – we are often made to feel like it’s not okay to just be you – it’s as if the world is trying to rattle us, intentionally making us feel insecure, telling us that we are “not enough”… and then positioning a particular clothing line, beauty trend, make-up, or even diet pill as some magic formula to feel better about ourselves.


The truth is, you being you, is “enough”.  When it comes to non-uniform day, therefore, it’s important you express yourself for who you really are.  Here are three interesting ways to let your inner-self shine through…


  1. Customised Sportswear

If you’re a huge sports fan, then you could consider getting custom-made outfits such as baseball uniforms that you can personalise with your own name, or perhaps your favourite player’s name can be a nice way to highlight your passion within this area.

  1.  Wear Something Quirky

If you were to wear reasonably plain clothes such as jeans and a nice fitting top but then accessorize with something quirky and colourful such as a scarf, or hat, this is a great way to let your personality shine through in a subtle way without it being too ‘in your face’.

  1.  Wear Something Meaningful

If you have a favourite outfit because, as an example, a relative gave you a particular item before they passed away – or even an accessory such as a piece of jewellery this can be a great way to express yourself in a very personal way; that is less about what others think and more about the association you have with it.

In summary, way too often we are worried about what other people think about us – particularly when it comes to our physical appearance.  The key point is to focus on being comfortable with what you’re wearing and making sure it expresses who you feel you are; not who you feel you should be in order to conform to the status quo.