Published On: Wed, Nov 1st, 2017

Create the Perfect Casual Look for the Office

If you want to impress your colleagues with your style, but don’t fancy wearing a pencil skirt or a trouser suit all the time, you can build your own smart casual style. Many workplaces offer a choice of acceptable clothing items you can choose from, so you can combine them in a clever way to express your personal style. Below you can find some tips on how to go casual in the office without looking too cheap or unprofessional.

“long floral vintage skirt with tank and belt and wood wedges” by Maegan Tintari is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Dress for Comfort

If you have searched for elegant dresses online, you might have found materials that are not suitable to wear in the office. Go for all natural materials and items that allow your skin to breathe. Cotton dresses and stretchy trouser suits will create a casual look, but still look smart enough to impress your male and female colleagues. You can even opt for smart leggings to go with your loose silk blouse, and look unique, trendy, and upmarket.

Try Feminine

If you love frills and flowers, you can let your personality shine through by wearing a casual skirt or dress. Floral patterns are always in fashion, and they can emphasize your femininity. Try larger floral patterns combined with black or white trousers, and you can make a statement in the office. Get a summer floral dress and combine it with an elegant silk scarf. Floral patterns can also look great on long skirts, and can be combined with cami tops in the summer.

Wear Smart Jeans

If your employer’s policies allow denim, you can create a smart casual look by wearing tailored jeans and denim dresses. Make sure that you have the right accessories. You can wear a denim item in several different ways. Try to get an oversized denim shirt and combine it with a leather belt and a long skirt. Tuck it in your skater dress and you have just created a youthful look. Wear denim vests with a pencil skirt, and you will stand out from the crowd, but still look smart.

Bodysuits for a Smart Casual Look

If you love bodysuits and have several of them, feel free to combine them with trousers, jeans, long skirts, and even tailored shorts. Bodysuits are coming back to fashion and can have amazing tailoring and fantastic decolletage. You can create the perfect bodysuit outfit for the office, combining them with wide-legged pinstripe trousers, or elegant skirts.

Elegant Jumpsuits

If you want to get ready for the office in just minutes, you might want to get a stretchy long jumpsuit with an elegant belt. This look is great for a smart casual look and is comfortable, easy to combine with accessories while appearing effortless and youthful.


If you had enough of skirts and blouses a the workplace, you can create your own smart casual style combining fun and elegant clothing items. Wear your favourite jumper or leggings a new way, and you will be considered the trendsetter in the office.