Published On: Sat, Apr 23rd, 2016

The American Prince, Superstar, Musician, Innovator, Dies aged 57

The American Prince dead at his Paisley Park home, outside Minneapolis, aged 57 just leaving behind his music with diverse as RnB, Rock, Funk and pop. He was well renowned as an innovator, flamboyant stage presence, wide vocal range and electric guitar.

The American Prince, Superstar, Musician, Innovator, Dies aged 57

The death was announced by his publist Yvette Noel-Schure after police has been called to premises. Not every detail has been released by police for cause of the Prince death. He was rushed to hospital apparently where he was recovering from a bout of flu which also let his private jet to emergency landing in Illinois.

Carver County Sheriff’s said that when officers arrived at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen they found Prince unresponsive in an elevator, first responders attempt to provides lifesaving CPR, but were unable to revive the victim. The American Prince dead at 10.07 am.

Prince words

I was privileged to be given rare insight into his secretive world, his first interview with Bristish Newspaper for a decade.

The singer, song writer, arranger and instrumentalist broke through in the late 1970s with the hits’’ why Tou Wanna Treat Me So Bad?’’ and ‘’I Wanna Be Your Lover” which soared over following decade with ‘’1999’’ and ‘’Purple Rain’’. ‘’ Tonight I’m gonna party like its 1999’’ was the title song which includes one of the most widely quoted refrains of popular culture.

The American Prince, Superstar, Musician, Innovator, Dies aged 57 (1)

One of the certainties of rock and roll is that when your beloved idols die, there’s always going to be someone older than you are telling you how great so and so was back in the day, back when people found out about new music by listening to radio.

He was also fiercely protective of his independence battling his records company control of his material and even his name. Prince once wrote slave on his face in protest of not owing work and famously battled and then departed his label, Warner Bros, before returning a few years ago.