Published On: Tue, Mar 1st, 2016

Sushant Singh Rajput Signs Another Sports Biopic Movie

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput has signed another sports biographical movie after ‘Dhoni: The Untold Story’ directed by Neeraj Pandey which has not hit theatres yet. Actor Shushant Singh Rajput has started working on a film which is based on the life of Athlete Murlikant Petkar.Sushant Singh Rajput Signs Another Sports Biopic Movie

Athlete Murlikant Petkar won  gold medal at Commonwealth Games in 1970 and Paralympics in Germany in 1972. He also set a world record of in the 50m freestyle swimming event at 37.33 seconds. He also participated in Javelin, precision javelin throw and slalom. He was finalist in all the three games. He was initially an army man. He was declared disabled during 1965 war against Pakistan due to severe bullet wounds. He was later employed by a Telco in Pune.

About the Movie:

Prashant Singh scripted biopic ‘Murli The Unsung Hero’ will hit the theatres by mid 2017. Prashant Singh revealed that he encountered Sushant by chance and selected him for the movie. Prashant says that even Petkar was happy about Shushant’s selection for his biopic.

Even though other actors and filmmakers were keen to acquire the rights to Murli sir’s journey, he zeroed in on Sushant since he confessed to being a fan of the actor,” Prashant said.

Actor Sushant is extremely excited about the movie and will be training in swimming, boxing and other sports to play the role of athlete Murlikant Petkar. “I was amazed by his journey and immediately agreed that these stories need to be told. Petkar’s journey is extra-ordinary and so compelling that it can change many lives by motivating people to accomplish the unthinkable. I am extremely excited to be associated with this project from its nascent stage,” says the actor.

The movie will tell about all the incidents that happened in Murlikant Petkar’s life. This will include his road trip to Kashmir where he was being shot by seven bullets in 1965 war against Pakistan. One bullet is still in his spine. Young Petkar tried to commit suicide but survived. He later turned into gold medalist, Prashant said.