Published On: Thu, Mar 3rd, 2016

Irrfan Khan Signs ‘No Bed of Roses’

Irrfan Khan who is Indian film actor and known for his work in British films and Hollywood signs his next international project, a bilingual movie ‘No Bed of Roses’. It is a Bengali-English movie. It will be directed by Bangladeshi filmmaker, Mostofa Sarwar Farooki and produced by Kolkata’s Eskay Movies and Bangladesh’s Jazz multimedia. Irrfan Khan is co-producing the movie along with acting. Movie also stars director’s wife Nusrat Imroz Tisha who is an actress. The actress plays central character in the movie. Mostofa Sarwar was interested to cast Irrfan Khan because he is one among finest performers in India. Irrfan Khan signs the movie ‘No Bed of Roses because strong scripts appeal him.Irrfan Khan Signs ‘No Bed of Roses’

“When we approached him, we were told that he is busy for the next two years but when we met him in January for a narration, he was so impressed that he immediately agreed to do the film,” says filmmaker Himanshu Dhanuka who is co producing the film with a Bangladeshi banner.

Bilingual movie ‘No Bed of Roses’ is a family story and revolves around two families who found real meaning of love during a tragedy. The films sets a conclusion that death is not always a loss. In the movie Irrfan’s character ages from 30 to 60 years with the advancement of the story. The actor will be seen in four different looks in the movie. “But we won’t use prosthetics. Our objective is to keep it as natural as possible,”says Himanshu. 65 per cent of the film is in bengali. Actor Irrfan Khan will speak all the Bengali lines himself and has started learning the language.

Irrfan Khan Signs ‘No Bed of Roses’ Due to Strong Script

Strong scripts and good story telling technique emphasizes any actor. Actor Irrfan Khan was also impressed due to strong script of the movie.”Strong scripts appeal to me. I was fascinated with Mostafa’s storytelling technique. When he got in touch with me for this film, I saw his previous work, ‘Ant Story,’ and was immediately interested,” Irrfan said.Irrfan Khan Signs ‘No Bed of Roses’

Farooki said in a statement: “I got a good set of casts and good team. Getting Irrfan as a co-producer was a big boost for us. I believe if everything goes well, we will be able to offer an engaging film.”