Published On: Mon, Feb 29th, 2016

Sidharth Malhotra asks KRK to Shut up over Disgusting Tweet on Alia Bhatt

KRK is impossible to be handled and that is what he keeps on proving time and again. Not only once, but several times, he had passed nasty comments on successful actors and film to gain headlines and the ill part of the story is that he gets the wanted attention. The latest of his illicit awful comments are on the hot and sizzling vogue magazine cover. He passed such a nasty comment on twitter on Alia that Sidharth couldn’t stop himself from shutting up the disgusting KRK.

Sidharth Malhotra asks KRK to Shut up over Disgusting Tweet on Alia Bhatt

Sidharth Malhotra and KRK’s Tweet War

KRK had tweeted, “Alia looks so Bacchi in panty but still some people keep forcing her to wear it.”

To which, Sidharth Malhotra tweeted, “Sir ! We also try very hard to tell u to shut up but u keep tweeting ! @kamaalrkhan ….”

How can KRK stop his non-sense. And that is why he replied, “Sir Ji @S1dharthM 130Cr ppl of India also try very hard to tell you to stop acting but you keep doing films to harass them.”

And then, the twitter fight between the two started. Sidharth tweeted again, “I think u need English reading classes sir! ,as u didn’t read and understand my previous tweet ! …”

And again, to grab the limelight, KRK replied, “HAHAHAHAHA! Ok I will come to learn from you soon because you @S1dharthM are educated from Delhi idea institute.”

It felt like a never ending war. But Sidharth is smart. So he stopped replying to the crap of KRK. Sidharth clearly knows that is useless to talk to KRK and stop him from professing crap. So, its better to stay away from such crap himself.