Published On: Mon, Mar 4th, 2019

Would A Passion For Education Take You To Teaching?

Education is something that you either had a love, or a hate relationship with. Some people are just geared up to sit in a classroom, or whatever it may be, and absorb all of the knowledge that the teacher at the front is throwing at them. But others, are just not equipped to have to sit around all day listening to someone talking, but might find that they are more of a hands on person. But everyone likes learning and education in some form, without even realising it. Just because the word education always jumps our mind to actually sitting in a classroom, it can be easy to think that’s what we mean. Education could be doing sports, learning a trade, gaming… it’s whatever you’re doing that you love, and that’s teaching you and those around you something new. But if you’re the type of person who has always had a bit of a passion for education, then might the route that you need to go down be teaching? It’s a career that would see you through until you needed to work no more, and it’s something that you can really dig your teeth into and get passionate about. So, if you know you love education, whatever it may be, let us help you grow that passion into a career that could work wonders for you!

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What Type Of Education Do You Have A Passion For?

Education is something you definitely have a passion for, or you wouldn’t be reading this article. But what we want to try and do, is figure out what part of education you have a passion for. Because if it’s only the learning side of things, you might not actually have a passion for teaching it. It’s a whole different ball game to teach it compared to taking it in, and some people just aren’t cut out for the role. But if you truly think about it, and think about the role of teaching and what it involves, you should be able to gauge whether you actually are passionate about it. Then, you have to think about the type of education that catches your eye, because as we made clear in the opening section, it’s not all about sitting in a classroom and teaching things, you could go into something much more hands on if that’s your thing. For example, you could be a physical fitness instructor at the minute, and the perfect role for you would be to go into PE teaching. Or, you could be a mechanic that has took on many apprentices and taught them the skills of the trade, well you could go into working in a college and train them up and get paid to do it. So hopefully this will urge you to think about what you would like to educate people on, but it’s just the question of how to get there. Because to be able to educate others, you have to have been educated yourself, and have gained the qualifications needed to do so. We’ll touch on how you can go about that later on in the article.

Do You Have Any Transferable Skills?

This one is really important, because to get into teaching you’re going to have to have a fair few. It’s actually a really competitive course and role to try and get onto, and into, so you have to be able to bring something to the table that’s going to get the attention of the people who are going to take you on the course, let alone the people who are going to employ you afterwards. So, think about life lessons that you’ve had, and experiences that have gave you the skills you need. It could be things like training the people in the role that you have now, or it could be the ability to stand in front of a crowded room and give presentations. There are tons of skills that you might not have associated with teaching, but all will be something you’ll need!

Getting Your Foot In The Door

Getting your foot in the door early is super important, as there’s only so much time that courses have their places open for, and you might have to wait for the next intake to start it. If you’re desperate to get your foot in the door, then now is the time to look. But for the most of you, you’ll be new people trying to come into the profession, and you might not have any type of qualification that would push you towards teaching. Not only that, but you won’t even have the time to drop out of your job, to then go into education full time. So, what you could think about doing, is an online course that’s going to put you in the right direction. You could do a degree in teaching, and then even go onto doing a Masters of Education in an actual university setting, because you most likely would be able to work around the course with a teaching job. But the education side of things is so important if you actually want to qualify, and have the chance of working in schools, colleges, or whatever establishment you really wish to! Just make sure that if you are starting your education journey off by doing an online course, that you are doing it through someone legitimate from the beginning!

Gaining The Experience You Need

The experience you need is easy to gain, you just have to be willing to do some voluntary work to get there. We’re talking about teaching experience, and you could easily go into the role of a teaching assistant for example, that would really help you to get your foot in the door. Any voluntary work in things like youth clubs, adult education centers, and all things like that are really going to go in your favour here. Plus, if you were to do the voluntary side before trying to do the education, you’ll definitely be able to see what you think of teaching, and if it’s definitely what you want to go into.