Published On: Tue, Dec 19th, 2017

Facts about US Colleges no Admissions Officer Will Tell You

Getting to a college is a dream of every schooler, and everyone knows how valuable college education is for the future career. Some students even turn to a resume writing service to prepare a professional looking set of documents for admission, and they are definitely right – during admissions, you have only one chance to stand out of the crowd and get noticed! But is everything as crystal clear as you used to think? Are there are facts that colleges usually conceal about the institution and education in it? Obviously, it is much better to approach the enrolment process with all cards on the table, so here we are disclosing some funny, interesting, and even embarrassing facts about American colleges that will surely surprise you!

Facts about US Colleges

Funny, Weird Facts

  • A Harvard professor Edward Clarke used to connect women’s bad temper and infertility with education. In his opinion, women’s blood concentration was in the uterus, while studying too much caused its outflow from the female part of the body to the brain, causing female health problems.
  • The New Jersey college is taking the problem of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases really seriously – there is a service that will deliver condoms at your request right to your dorm room’s doorstep! A very convenient option, right?
  • Are you a dedicated fan of Star Trek? Need money for education? Great news – the Starfleet association grants scholarships at the amount of $500 to Star Trek fans, haste to apply!

Definitely Noteworthy Facts

Here are some things people rarely speak about, but they are nevertheless facts:

  • Since the past century, the cost of college materials (coursebooks) has experienced an immense growth. For instance, within the past three decades, the standard set of materials for a college student has raised in the price by the unbelievable 812%!
  • Though Harvard is a college to which any person in the world dreams to get, there is a strong suspicion of its inflation of grades. Interestingly enough, the median grade of a Harvard student is A-, while the most often awarded mark is A. can all Harvard students indeed study so well? We seriously doubt that!
  • California, a state with the largest prison population in the USA, spends a disproportionately larger sum of money on prisoners as compared to college education
  • If you are a resident of Kalamazoo, a town in Michigan, then you definitely have all chances for free college education – there is an anonymous donor who pays for the college education of all students there.
  • Though university education is traditionally appreciated higher than a college degree, in the USA, there is no essential difference between the two. The only distinction is that universities are usually more demanding and focused on research, while colleges tend to give more practical education.
  • Selection of the specialty for studies is a strategically important step. Though you may have a passion for Theology, Social Work, or Fine Arts, for instance, you should keep in mind that these degrees are associated with lower-paid jobs after graduation. The same relates to the Drama and Hospitality/Tourism professions, so be aware of this before you enroll to the college program.

Some Other Interesting Facts

Did you know that…

  • There is a true gender gap between college students in the USA. To date, over 60% of college students are female, with the greatest distinction noted in Utah. There is still little scientific explanation to that, maybe girls are really smarter than boys?
  • The US college sports are so popular and so seriously treated, that out of the world’s 25 largest stadiums, 14 belong to American colleges.
  • There is a college in the USA in which you can get a worthy profession and pay next to nothing for education – it is the Deep Springs College. It is located in an isolated place, in the open nature. However, there’s surely a catch: while education is free, you need to work 20 hours a week doing some manual work, such as cooking, agricultural tasks, etc.
  • Students planning to obtain college education in Oregon have all chances to get hands-on experience of running a nuclear reactor! Yes, indeed, there is one college in this state that operates its own nuclear station, and many undergraduate students work there as operators – on a voluntary basis, of course.  

So, here are some fun facts about colleges – some are inspiring, others discouraging, but all are definitely the truths that you should know before admissions!