Published On: Fri, Sep 23rd, 2016

What We Can All Do To Make Our Schools A Better Place For Our Kids

Education is a vital part of our world. Our future depends on how well we can educate our children. It’s about more than just a curriculum, however. It’s about a place where our growing citizens will spend a great amount of time. So, what can we do to make the environment all the better for their education? These are the challenges that all school staff should consider.

What We Can All Do To Make Our Schools A Better Place For Our Kids

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Getting the parents involved

Education is about more than the teacher and the student. A good parental perspective on education needs to match with the school’s. Which means that schools have to find more ways to get parents involved in the establishment and their child’s growth. You need to get the parent interested by sharing positive notes with them and helping them see how to stimulate further growth. Teachers and administrators need to be more willing to take that first step. To help parents understand how they can be a positive influence on education. Setting goals with them and helping them understand challenges mean that the child will have a much better environment at all times.

What We Can All Do To Make Our Schools A Better Place For Our Kids

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Creating a safer environment

Nowadays, there are a few incidents that will appear in the news or in local discussions that make educators and parents alike worried. Violence and bullying are real problems in our schools and we need to challenge them. The school’s reputation does not matter as much as the students’ safety. Develop a zero tolerance policy and a method of helping students report conflicts. Seek training in anger management and conflict resolution to be more equipped to deal with it yourself.

What We Can All Do To Make Our Schools A Better Place For Our Kids

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Providing more than a classroom

Schools help children grow with more than just an education. Children need to develop skills like independence, teamwork and responsibility. It’s the duty of all the school’s staff to help identify extra-curricular methods of helping kids develop. This can include taking charge of a sports team. It can mean scouting library design services to help them be more proactive in their learning. A school that focuses on helping students achieve a more complete life will see better results. Even on an individual basis, it’s important to try a play a bigger role than just a teacher or administrator.

What We Can All Do To Make Our Schools A Better Place For Our Kids

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Educating more than a curriculum

It’s important to realise that what you’re allowed to teach the children is a classroom is limited. However, outside of that classroom, the authority and attention that a school commands can be used to help children learn a lot more. For example, addressing problems in society that can be reflected in schools. For one, it’s important to realise that a lot of sexist behaviour and assumptions grow in school. Addressing sexism can be done with school announcements, but it can be better done by being head-on in tackling it. Treat it like any kind of bullying and make sure both girls and boys are made aware they can report it in a safe space.

Undoubtedly, these questions are already on the mind of a lot of our educators. However, the more we talk about them and potential solutions, the closer we get to creating better schools for our children.



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