Published On: Mon, Aug 14th, 2017

5 Rewarding Healthcare Careers Every Empath Should Consider

5 Rewarding Healthcare Careers Every Empath Should Consider


Deciding to embark on a career in healthcare can be your first steps towards enjoying a rewarding job. Choosing a career in the medical field isn’t going to be something that everybody thinks of, but for some people, it’s the perfect fit. When you’re an empath, and you’re very empathetic to the feelings of others, working in healthcare can be a great idea for you. However, there are so many different careers under the health and medicine fields, that you may not know where to start. So let’s take a look at some of the most rewarding healthcare careers you can consider.


Healthcare Assistant

Firstly, you may like to become a healthcare assistant. This career comes with lots of different roles and responsibilities, and can often be carried out in a range of different settings too. Some care assistants work in hospitals and are responsible for carrying out medical and care tasks to patients. Whereas other care assistants work in specialist facilities or elderly homes and cater to their needs specifically. You may also want to consider a home care position, where you would provide health and social care to people in their own homes.



Alternatively, you may also want to consider working in nursing. For this, you will need to undertake a set amount of education. To become a registered nurse (RN), you need to complete a degree in nursing and then you will also need to be licensed. You then might like to consider an online master’s in nursing to progress on in your career path. Your role will be based in a hospital and could go on to hospital administration too.

5 Rewarding Healthcare Careers Every Empath Should Consider



Another rewarding health career you could consider would, of course, be a doctor. Although training to become a doctor can take a long time, if you’re looking to help others and make a difference to their health, it could be worthwhile. Doctor’s need to be qualified and certified. After obtaining a bachelor’s with a pre-med concentration, you will need to attend medical school and carry out a residency.



Next, you might like to look into options to become a counselor. A career as a licensed counselor is gratifying. You will get to help people through difficult stages in their lives. Regardless of the specialism that you decide on, you will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree, and even a master’s in a psychology related field. Then, once you’ve graduated, you’re then going to need to get certified based on state requirements.


Social Worker

Finally, a career in the social work field may also be of an interest to you. Social workers make a lot of difference to people’s lives. They work with children, facilities, and adults that are in vulnerable situations to change their lives for the better. To become a social worker, you’re going to need at least a bachelor’s degree in social work. You will also need some experience, a master’s and to become licensed if you’re looking to go into clinical social work.