Published On: Tue, Jul 26th, 2016

3 Ways To Stop Sexism In Schools

First thing’s first, anyone that tries to deny sexism is deluded. It will take a five-minute walk through a high-school to confirm that it exists, and is getting worse. The problem is, there isn’t much being done to tackle the matter. Schools will happily deny that anything is happening. And, a lot of the time, it’s because they’re unaware of it. So many students are subjected to sexism and don’t report it. Why? Because they’re too afraid or, just don’t think it’s a problem.

Today, we’ll be having a look at some easy ways to tackle sexism in schools, and get rid of it for good!
3 Ways To Stop Sexism In Schools

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Educate Students

The number one way we can solve this issue is to educate students. Male students will often make casual sexist remarks. And, they don’t even realize they’re sexist. This is because they haven’t been told what’s right and wrong. If you sit everyone down and educate them on the matter, things will change. Students will know that it’s not right to discriminate against people of the other gender. And, they’ll be more aware of what’s considered sexist or not. This is something that should be done from a young age. If you teach young children about it, then they’ll grow up with the knowledge that sexism is bad.

Be Vigilant

Another thing schools can do is be vigilant about sexism and sexual abuse. There are countless times when both of these issues go unpunished. The most common example of this is a girl not being allowed on a sport’s team. You see this all the time; they’re not allowed to compete because of their gender. And, the school doesn’t punish the teacher that does this. Speak to any Title IX attorney and they’ll tell you that this is against the law. You can’t stop someone from participating just because they’re a girl. Schools need to clamp down on this and punish teachers for doing it. Similarly, give out severe punishments to students that make sexist remarks or bully female students. If you’re vigilant, these issues will become less prominent as people are afraid of the consequences.

Make It Easy For Students To Report Incidents

The final thing is for schools to make it easy for students to report incidents. They should be able to speak to any teacher and not feel like a fool. Often, young girls feel embarrassed when reporting sexism. They’re told that it’s not a big deal, and they should move on. So, they’re discouraged from reporting further incidents. But, if you take their complaints seriously, then they’ll feel more confident. The number of reported incidents will increase, as girls aren’t afraid to approach teachers on the subject. Then, if schools are vigilant, slowly but surely the incidents will decrease.

As you can see, it’s not rocket science; these tips are very basic. Schools just have to be more aware on the subject, and take it seriously. That’s the issue here; sexism isn’t seen as a serious problem. If it’s treated trivially, then nothing will ever change. Schools should be more serious and make it a serious matter. Then, the tide will start to turn.