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Computer Science Essay Writing: 10 Tips If This Is Your First Attempt

Speaking about academic writing, it’s important to mention that it takes much time, efforts, and knowledge. Each academic paper requires specific knowledge and way of its presentation. The problem is that computer science has nothing to do with computers and science. It deals with computers the same way as Biology deals with lab tools creation.

According to Department of Computer Science, the study deals with the mechanization of algorithms, their quality of being organized and expression which are the basis of attainment, performance, processing, storing, information transmission, and its availability. Computer science doesn’t care much whether computer memory stores data encoded in bits and bytes or a cell of a human comprises the data being transcribed in genes and protein structures. To make everything clear, science tries to recognize some occurrence, create and test a hypothesis based on it, and analyze the results. It’s also called a scientific method.

Computer Science Essay Writing- 10 Tips If This Is Your First Attempt

The main goal of computer science is to learn HOW to do that, in other words, it’s interested in the way the procedure can be performed. For example, a mathematician tries to find the remainder during number division. The aim of computer science is to learn HOW to do that division. Science deals with both “what” and “how to” when computer science deals only with “how to” methods. Science has a direct connection with nature and the real world while computer science exists only in theories and uses logical analyses.


That’s the main difference:

Geography (science): What are the highest mountains in the world?

Computer science: How to find the highest mountains in the world?

Computer science essay covers a great number of topics including:

  • Networking
  • Programming language
  • Information structuring
  • Development of various web sources
  • Mathematical logic
  • Website structuring
  • Software development
  • Electronic commerce

Computer science essay usually touches upon evaluation or choice of some methodology, technology or theoretical models used today or in the past. Such paper requires significant research.

How to Write a Computer Science Essay? 10 Tips to Succeed

How to Write a Computer Science Essay? 10 Tips to Succeed


  • Examine the question. First of all, it’s important to study the topic and be sure that a student knows what to write about and where to get the information. Misunderstanding of the topic can lead to failure.


  • Research. When a student understands what is required, then it’s high time to do a thorough research. If the paper requires evaluation, then a student must emphasize a suggestion and support it with a piece of evidence. When the paper involves choice making, then a student should create a decent and objective way of candidates’ selection which must be self-appraised.
  • Language. Technology changes rapidly and new notions appear. That’s why a student should be aware of all innovations and be ready to use the notions which reflect computer science specific character. A writer must know the rules of writing and correct usage of numerical values, coding language, equation types, and various symbols. There must be no grammar and lexical mistakes. It’s also better not to confuse the reader with too long and difficult sentences.
  • Striking thesis statement. Each academic paper needs a thesis statement. It should inform the reader about the topic of investigation without its detailed retelling. As a rule, it has 1-2 sentences or 30-40 words maximum.
  • Introduction. The introduction should be brief and introduce the problem, its importance and suggest its possible solution.
  • Outline. Essay outline is more than just important. It helps to structure the paper and highlight the main ideas and data. To create the outline, a student should analyze many sources (books, articles, forums, blogs, scientific reviews, etc.). Key points must create the outline. It’s better to write pages or links simultaneously so that later it would be easier to find information. It’s also important to remember that all essay parts are to be well-structured and logically connected.  
  • Facts. Research paper equals a paper full of facts, arguments, and pieces of evidence which support the topic. A student is to embody them in the essay body and connect them with personal theories.
  • Conclusion. Essay conclusion is not mere summing up but the best way to underline the main points of the essay. It as well as the introduction part should be striking and captivating. A student must demonstrate a high level of topic understanding and even try to suggest ideas of the described technology or model usage in the real world.  
  • Bibliography. All cited sources are to be enumerated in the bibliography. A student should not just quote someone but also explain why the citation was used.
  • No ambiguity. There must be no uncertainty or inexactness. The author should provide the fundamental argument in the introduction and support it throughout the paper.

computer science essay writing


Too Complicated! Is there any Way Out?

When the paper is finished, it’s necessary to check it on grammar, spelling, and lexical mistakes, content efficiency, and plagiarism. Professionals say that it’s better to give the paper to someone who can read it, analyze, and point out mistakes and sections for improvement.


In case a person has no chance to get the professional help from the tutor or senior students, one can get professional assistance online. Today a student can find reliable custom writing writing services that are always ready to help. Professional skilled writers are English native-speakers whose glossary includes certain terms and phrases used only in the world of computer science and are required for A-grade paper.