Published On: Tue, Jun 12th, 2018

Writing Services: Cheating and Laziness or Honest Necessity?

Writing Services: Cheating and Laziness or Honest Necessity

This question is not an easy one, because it is some sort of a gray area – everything depends on the particular situation and the particular writing agency. More of it, even students and professors have different opinions regarding the issue. Of course, most of the students this that it is completely normal to use such services and most of the professors consider it to be cheating. At the same time, there are students saying that using writing services should be severely punished, and there are professors staying loyal to such practices. All of them have their own reasons, and we will try to summarize them here without taking sides too evidently. Here are some ideas on the character of the essay writing help students get from custom writing services.

Time Issue

Pro: Students don’t have enough time to deal with the assignments. Professors tend to overwhelm students with tasks because the educational programs become more and more demanding. The recent studies show that students work more in the college or institute than they will work at their first real job. It shows that students are not necessarily lazy if they decide to order a paper sample.

Con: It shouldn’t come as a surprise to students that it is hard to study and that it requires a significant amount of time. Education is one of the key factors of the future success, which means students should pay the utmost attention to it, even if it is hard and time-consuming.

Ethical Issue

Pro: There are no reliable agencies selling essays and saying that students should submit them right away.  Which means that the reliability fully lies on the students’ shoulders. Students are expected to use those papers as samples and write their own essays. It is completely ethical to use such materials as a guide, especially when it comes to the references listed in the works cited page and the formatting style. So, writing agencies are basically ethical, but the way students use them might be not that much.

Con: Most of the writing agencies are fully aware of the way their clients use their assistance, and many of them encourage it. Many professors say that this way they ruin the idea of higher education in general. However, it is legit to sell samples, so professors should not blame agencies but dig deeper into the reasons making students address such services more and more.

Practical Issue

Pro: Lots of students buy samples not because they are lazy or want to have fun but because they have no other choice if they don’t want to get expelled. There are some particularly intricate courses, there are professors whose attitude to the class is far from ethical, there are personal issues which influence the educational process. Every situation is different and it is not right to judge all the students addressing writing companies. When buying samples, many students truly use them as examples which they lack in their textbooks and classes.  

Con: As the plagiarism-checkers get more sophisticated students using essay samples not the way they are supposed to, risk too much. Even if the plagiarism is not an issue, the recent programs learn how to distinguish different writing styles, and having a sample of your writing they can find out that the particular text is not written by you. Though such technologies are not widely used and trusted, for now, they will be developed, which means that the market itself will most probably solve the issue of the wrongfully and unethically used samples bought online.

Custom writing help is very popular. And it was very popular always because previously talented students willing to earn some pocket money were helping other students willing to receive some assistance and ready to pay for it. Later it became much more organized, but the core idea remained the same — essay writing help for money. It is completely your choice to use it or, not.

The only thing we ask you about is to be very careful and wise when choosing a writing agency to assist you. Check the guarantees they offer and make sure the confidentiality guarantee is among them. Good luck!