Published On: Thu, Jan 31st, 2019

Why is video interview being hailed as the future of recruitment?

Evolution of recruitment

Just like every industrial sector, the organization must keep updating their recruitment techniques to stay relevant and enhance their productivity. Although hiring as a concept dates back to the medieval war days, but it was only after The Great War when there was a severe shortfall of in America’s workforce. This was when America introduced the selection process for hiring people for various positions. This further led to the inception of recruitment agencies that were formed to fill the ever-increasing demand of employees. These agencies proved especially helpful to the women of the nation who were left to take on the responsibility of managing production, storage and other such departments of the industries.

Soon agencies realized the need for placing the right candidates in the right organization. The need to find the candidate with exceptional skills beneficial for a particular industry; sector led recruitment agencies to collaborate with enterprises, organizations, helping them with specified hiring. These were the times when the only medium of advertising and reaching out to the prospective candidates were flyers, billboards.

Why is video interview being hailed as the future of recruitment?

The process of finding the suitable candidate was made much more comfortable with the introduction and spread of internet in the 1990s, where setting up an online database and storage system helped companies select from a pool of talent. It was in the late 1990’s when recruitment was revolutionized with public job search engines.


Now with the technological and development influence along with the socio-economic circumstances, recruitment is continuously evolving and adapting to the present demands. One such evolution in the conducting interviews via video platforms. An increasing number of companies are leveraging video chatting applications like Skype to conduct the preliminary process of interview, to save time and resources. Video interviews also help the candidates who lose the opportunity to even go through the initial stages, owing to their inability to travel to the location of the meeting.


How video interview helps talent meet the right firm?

Why is video interview the future of recruitment

Brings consistency to interview

The traditional methodology of the initial stages of the interview can be weary and time-consuming. But with the evolution of technology, and an increasing number of smartphone users, companies that are leveraging video recruitment, can streamline the whole process and gain a competitive edge. Video recruitment help recruiters, hiring managers review and evaluate candidates efficiently. It helps reducing the awkward small talk and recruiters can easily observe the prospective candidates body language, check their command over technology.


Save money and other resources

Recruitment processes is a substantial financial investment. Starting from the pre-screening in verifying the potential candidate’s details post section, every process is significantly cost-extensive. Imagine interviewing a candidate from across the country only to realize later that they do not fit your organization’s culture, mission or ethos. Screening candidate via video interviews will help in to filter out the incompetent candidate.


No more geographical barriers

There are many instances where the recruitment committee finds a candidate with adequate skills, who looks like a perfect fit for the organization, but they are unable to interview them owing to the location. Video recruitment breaks the geographical barriers and helps recruiters as well as candidates. The companies by implementing video recruitment not only save the company’s money by making long-distance candidate interview economic but also save the time otherwise spent on interviewing candidates. This also helps mitigate any stress associated with the in-person meetings.


As mentioned before the recruitment industry is continually adapting and evolving. Hence to stay abreast with the changes and strategize and implement talent acquisition accordingly, it would be in the best interest of any organization to hire a recruitment processing organization service. Not only this will improve the quality of employees in your organization, but it will also help save you time and money, which you can judiciously invest in achieving the objective of your business.