Published On: Thu, Sep 22nd, 2016

Warehouse Management: How to do it Safely

Managing your warehouse is a huge task. For packing and distribution companies, it’s the most important task of all, and it’s one that has to be done safely. Fast-moving warehouse environments always present potential problems for you. Accidents can occur very easily if the right approach is not taken to safety in the workplace. Here’s how to make sure strong safety is maintained at all times.

Get the Lighting Right

The lighting in your warehouse might not seem like a big safety concern, but it really is. If the lighting in your warehouse is not adequate, you will stop employees from being able to see what they’re doing. A dark warehouse is a dangerous one. You need very powerful lighting in place if you’re going to make sure that every corner is lit up. Warehouses are often vast and cavernous, so it’s easy to underestimate how much lighting will be needed. It’s not a feature that you can afford to neglect if you want to keep the working environment safe though.

Create Safe Traffic Lanes

Forklift trucks can be the cause of many accidents and injuries in your warehouse if they’re not used properly. For a start, you should ensure that the people you hire to drive these trucks are qualified and have been given the right training. This will allow you to trust the people driving your forklift trucks. But you can make things even safer by creating safe traffic lanes. These traffic lanes will limit the space in which your forklift trucks can move and get around. It’s something that you can set up easily. Just make it clear to the whole workforce where they should walk and not walk in order to avoid collisions.

Fix Cracks and Holes in the Warehouse Floor

With lots of heavy equipment, machinery and vehicles moving around, it’s not uncommon for cracks to appear on the floor. Warehouses tend to have concrete floors, and cracks can have a big impact. They can cause trips and other hazards when people are using the warehouse and moving around it. You should always act quickly to fix any cracks or holes that appear on the floor. There are plenty of concrete repair companies out there that can help you out when you have this kind of problem. Before the work is done, make sure that patches of damaged flooring are closed off, so accidents don’t occur.

Consider Automation

When there are fewer people working in your warehouse, accidents are less likely. There are a few reasons for this. To begin with, having fewer people means that the workplace is less chaotic, and there are fewer people to manage. It also means that human error will become a much smaller factor. Of course, automating your warehouse is something that should be done steadily. People can be retrained so that they can oversee the equipment and keep machines running smoothly. Even then, it won’t be possible to fully automate your warehouse, so keep the points highlighted above in mind.



Warehouse Management: How to do it Safely

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