Published On: Thu, Dec 22nd, 2016

Having Trouble with Your Production Line? Here’s How to Make it Move Faster

Production lines can cause you all kinds of headaches. When you have a problem with them, you can see that there is a problem, but it’s not always very clear what that problem is. If you are having general problems with a slow production line, here are some of the things that might be able to help you change things. Read on, digest the information and then put some of the tips into action.

Keep Everyone Motivated

You probably have a team of people that work alongside your production line each day. It’s vital to keep these people motivated all the way through the day. If you can’t do this, your team will become bored. Let’s face it; working on a production line is not the most interesting job in the world. And people need to be motivated and given a reason to care. Make the job as fun as possible and do whatever you can to build a bit of team cohesion. It’s up to you and your managers to provide that motivation if it’s not currently there.


Switch Parts if Machinery is Moving Slowly

If things are moving slowly, it might be a problem with the machinery that you are using. There are all kinds of reasons why your machinery might be moving slowly. If you haven’t been keeping it maintained as well as you should, this is probably the reason. Or the machinery might simply be too old and past its best. This is a common problem. Alternatively, it could be a problem with the parts that your machinery relies on. Switch parts and give the machinery a new lease of life if you can. Whether it’s a new pulley, bearing or tsubaki roller chain, find the best replacement to get things moving fast again.


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Make Sure Defective Items Are Removed Rapidly

Defective items can quickly start to clog up the conveyor belt of your production line if you’re not careful. As soon as a defective item is spotted on the line, it should be removed safely and disposed of. This is what’s most important. Ideally, you will have employees standing at various stages of the production line looking for and picking out defective items. This is a repetitive job, but it definitely needs to be taken care of by someone. Your entire production line can be slowed down and held up by items that shouldn’t be there at all.

Use the Best Software Possible

These days, software plays a big part in the production line process. Things are all computerised and modern. You need to be using the very best software if you want to make your production line as fast and efficient as it possibly can be. If the software is old, it might be time to upgrade it to something newer. The software you use is important because it allows you to organise how the entire production line works and functions. You can spot weaknesses and problems much more easily when you use software that is up to the task.


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