Published On: Fri, Jul 29th, 2016

Trade Shows: Are They Worth The Hassle For Your Business?

Trade Shows

Trade Show #1 (Pixabay)

There was a time when trade shows were considered a necessity for many businesses. Things have changed in the past decade-or-so, though, and nowadays, they aren’t quite as crucial. But, we’re not dismissing them entirely. For certain companies, trade shows can be incredibly beneficial. In the best cases, they can generate new clients and networking opportunities.

Before we look at whether they’re worth the hassle for you to undertake, we need to look at why they aren’t so important anymore. Mainly, the reason for this is due to the rise in internet marketing opportunities. There was a time when it was necessary to raise awareness through trade shows and exhibitions, but that isn’t always the case anymore. It’s much easier to get a company at to manage a Facebook account for you. Alternatively, you can direct everyone to your website without ever needing human contact.

The possibilities have increased further, too. You can actually hold conference speeches remotely nowadays. You don’t even need to be in the room in order to put your point across in a similar fashion to how you would at a trade show.

However, there’s a good reason why trade shows continue to be as popular as they are. Most importantly, they’re useful for those who rely on product demonstrations and local business. Not everything can be solved with the internet, especially when you need to prove your worth. Trade shows are an excellent way of generating immediate and local interest. Obviously, this isn’t something that some of the bigger companies out there need to achieve. For small businesses, though, their participation in a trade show could be the catalyst for future success.

Trade Shows


Trade Show #2 (Geograph – Scriniary)

A professionally-designed booth can easily attract high-profile attention if you set it up correctly. Branded clothes from websites like will help, and an organized layout is key. While you can certainly attract attention online too, it isn’t the same. Taking the time to discuss your offerings in-person is always the preferable option, making trade shows very useful. You need to come at the event with the right preparation and layout if you want to make a good impression, though. If you haven’t got the time to prepare in the right way, it probably isn’t worth the hassle.

Another great reason why trade shows can be beneficial is that they offer greater possibilities to create interest. In order to pull people towards your table, you can get creative with the ways in which you do it. For example, you can offer trials and samples that potential clients can take away with them. You can butter them up with free gifts like USB sticks and badges if you need to find a way of drawing attention. There are a lot of possibilities that the internet can’t replicate.

So, are they worth it? It all depends on the size and the type of your business. For the most part, though, trade shows continue to provide effective solutions for companies all over the world. They might have decreased in popularity a little, but they certainly aren’t going away anytime soon.



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