Published On: Sat, Jul 2nd, 2016

Top Reasons For Accidents In The Manufacturing Industry

Are you running a manufacturing company? If so, you are more than likely aware of the many dangers that can occur in the workplace. We’re going to take a look at some of the most common causes of accidents in the manufacturing industry – and reveal what you can do to prevent them. Let’s get started right away.

Top Reasons For Accidents In The Manufacturing Industry

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Poor Quality Training Programs

As an employer, you have a lot of responsibility to educate your employees and provide them with a safe and healthy workplace. Sadly, many accidents in manufacturing occur due to poor training in such matters. It’s critical that you take your training programs seriously. A court case is likely to follow if your staff has not been taught about the dangers of your workplace. Make sure that everyone understands their responsibilities – teach them everything they need to know. Don’t forget to have everyone sign off on every course they attend.  

Lack of machine maintenance

The machinery in the manufacturing industry is still the cause of far too many accidents these days. You will need to arrange regular maintenance, as well as stress tests and a puwer assessment. Doing so will ensure your plant and equipment is all safe and working well. Don’t forget, even equipment with built in fail safes can go wrong if they don’t have proper maintenance. And, it only takes the slightest loss of concentration for one of your workers to get in a very sticky situation.

Fire hazards

There are many potential fire hazards in the manufacturing industry. Your machinery may overheat and catch something alight. You may use flammable chemicals in your production process, which could go up in a ball of flames at a moment’s notice. And, a storeroom packed with cardboard boxes can be the perfect fuel for a small fire to grow rapidly. Again, make sure you workers have the right training, and also make sure you provide plenty of fire extinguishers. Keep walkways clear, and always make regular temperature checks.

No security

A security presence is vital for a manufacturing business. Every year, many accidents are caused by visitors turning up unannounced and finding themselves in trouble. You need t have a stringent control over who comes into your business premises at any time of day. Also, make sure that visitors to your factory are accompanied at all times by an experienced member of staff.


Employee carelessness is one of the biggest causes of accident in any workplace. It is essential, then, that you impress on your staff to stay vigilant at all times. You have to be strict to enforce your safety programs, and regular offenders need dealing with. Carelessness costs lives, and with so many dangers around it’s vital that you are doing all you can to keep people aware.

OK, so there you have it. There are plenty more risks in a manufacturing plant, of course – but these five are some of the most common. Make sure you address these issues, and you will protect yourself from the many dangers that accidents can cause in any workplace.



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