Published On: Thu, Feb 15th, 2018

The Countries Ready For Your Business!

The world is your oyster when it comes to starting a business; growing a career and making your own money is something everyone can achieve after all! So you’re looking for success in your business, and a way to make sure you have a good opportunity to shoot to the top is by surrounding yourself with the best business environment you can find. And that’s not always going to be where you are now! Don’t think you have to make your business work in your local ecosystem; there’s always prospects abroad.


If you’re looking for help with expansion, or you’re willing to take on the international market, this is the post for you. Taking your company out to any of the countries listed below could be an incredibly good move for your business; give them a chance in your upcoming business plan.

The Countries Ready For Your Business!



Try the UK

The UK is a good place to try out your business ambitions right now. With Brexit in full swing, there’s a lot of opportunity for new businesses to fill the gaps missing in the market. There’s no better place in the world than the UK when it comes to using a hard time to your advantage. Using the bad economy around you as a signpost of better things to come means you can shoot for the stars and rarely ever miss.


At a count last year, there was about 5.7 million businesses in the UK, and the majority of them were small businesses. Even when big business is the kind that hogs the limelight, the smaller guys are the ones the market really caters to. This makes the UK economy a great place to focus on building your startup to the best it can be; there’s clearly plenty of resources on offer.


The Netherlands Want You

The Netherlands is a place that people tend to forget when it comes to the business market, and yet it’s one of the best places to establish your startup or your need to take the international market by storm. Of course you’re going to need a work permit to make sure you can operate here, but that isn’t unreasonable when it comes to integrating into their local economy. You might also need to have your qualification recognised by the government, but there’s plenty of routes to go through to work in the sector of your choice; you won’t be hindered here even as a small business.


The Netherlands is a great place for getting things done, as business etiquette here dictates that work is for work alone. Keeping elements of professional and personal separate is a great way to maximise on profit, and also makes for an extremely efficient workforce. You’re  going to find a lot of local talent willing to take your shop floor into the next generation, and everyone is still going to have a good work/life balance at the end of it!


Head to Indonesia

Indonesia may not be the best place for small businesses to try their luck, but if you’re already established in your home nation and are looking to expand, this is a good option for you. You’re going to need a good amount of start up funds ready, usually in the range of about $300,000, but this also guarantees you’re going to have a better time of making things work on the other side.


Indonesia is also a good place to network and find partners amongst people working in the same sector, and if you have local ties you’re going to have a much better business career. After all, a lot of countries aren’t a fan of foreign businesses seizing the market. So start as small as you can, integrate yourself into the economy, hire on local people to work for you, and then expand out from there. You’ll soon become a well accepted part of the country!


Even with these hardships in place, there’s a lot of plus sides to starting a business in Indonesia. Not only is it a country with a GDP of over 930 billion, but it’s also a country where real estate is rather easy to get ahold of! Simply try out links like that of to see for yourself how much there is on the market waiting to be turned into a thriving office.


Look in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a place where if you can’t build out you build up, and that makes it a great place for taking your business higher. In both the physical and metaphorical sense, you could soar into the clouds here. It may seem like a far stretch to go from East to West when you’re simply operating with about 50 or so employees, but there’s plenty of good reasons to do so.


Hong Kong is a good business gateway, and you’re going to find plenty of opportunities to boost yourself into other Asian countries, such as China. Considering China is one of the biggest markets in the world, this is an incredibly exciting prospect to open yourself up to. It’s also a great place to capitalise on your total earnings each month, with more staying in your pocket compared to taxation and expenses. There’s a lot more you can cover each payday when you’re working in Hong Kong!


Hong Kong is also small enough to have one of the best transportation systems in the world, and in just a couple of hours you can be crossing borders of the biggest countries in the world. Take a flight in and out of the country within a day with amazing airports at your disposal, which means you can keep an eye on each of your locations very easily.


There’s a lot of countries in the world, and that means there’s plenty of places for you to scout out. If you’re looking for the best opportunities for your business, make sure you’re keeping an eye on the market in these corporate places.



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