Published On: Fri, Feb 16th, 2018

How Secure Is Your Business’ Data?

You put your heart and soul into your business; not to mention endless hours of your time, a significant amount of your capital and the best years of your life. As such, you’re aware of the threats that could, if you let them, bring your business to its knees. There’s the constant threat of competitors, with new businesses seeming to spring up out of nowhere and threaten to knock you off your perch. There’s the risk to your reputation that could come from bad customer feedback, which is why you rigorously instill the value of customer service into your employees. While there are many threats to your business’ wellbeing, chief amongst them is security.

As hard as you try to ensure that your business’ data is secure you also know that the ingenuity of criminals is near endless and that savvy entrepreneurs must be ever vigilant to safeguard their data and that of their customers, clients and leads. No matter how many pairs of hands said data goes through, make no mistake.. The buck stops with you! Here are some good practices to ensure that your business data remains secure…

How Secure Is Your Business' Data?


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Be careful to whom you outsource

Needles to say, you should never outsource a service or consultancy to your business without doing your homework first. As keen as you may be to manage your overhead costs effectively, the cheapest option will rarely have the most comprehensive solutions to keep your data secure. Take a look at Bespoke Excel’s website and you’ll see the kinds of promises outsourced companies should be making. They should at the very least be willing to commit to signing an NDA.


Implement a multi layered solution

While there are numerous packages claiming to be one size fits all solutions, you need to ensure that whatever solution you employ deals with the multifaceted threats to your data. Windows defender may be just fine for your home use but it’s unlikely to be able to repel the sophisticated threats such as viruses, worms, trojans and dedicated hackers who will be drawn to your business’ data.


Secure your hardware

Most businesses implement solutions to ensure the security of their internal servers and machines, but most businesses are at least partly mobile in their technologies. Thus your security solution must extend to more than the hardware you keep on site. An effective security solution must also encompass any laptops, tablets or smartphones that may contain sensitive data. Not only are these devices more vulnerable to exposure to hackers and malicious software, they’re also vulnerable to loss and theft.


Encrypt backed up data

If your business has an ecommerce element you likely have comprehensive security measures to ensure that each and every transaction is secure, enabling customers to buy from you with confidence. Many online stores, however, are taking the security of their customers’ data even further by encrypting backed up data to prevent theft while in transit. This insulates your customers from risk while protecting your reputation and ensuring that even if your hardware is stolen, your transactions will be unimpeded.