Published On: Tue, Mar 19th, 2019

Raising Customer Engagement To Boost Your Growth

Consumers are increasingly looking for a personal experience when they are shopping. According to Forbes, a simple piece of personalization can boost sales by up to 20%. Those sales will ultimately grow the business by providing income and reputation on which to expand. Savvy business owners will look to use the digital tools at their disposal to create an engaging experience for their client base; this will ultimately help your business to grow and thrive.

Fighting the fires

A great place to start with improving your customer engagement is assessing your existing policy. Specifically, what works, and what doesn’t? If you don’t already have customer feedback, now would be a great time to start. Consumer advocates Complaints Base Business Reviews outline the benefits of this approach, specifically in that it allows you to directly target areas of your business that have been most frustrating for consumers. In addition to providing lessons learned and allowing you to build a personal relationship with your customers, feedback also provides research for your business. The Houston Chronicle note this, pointing out that regular feedback can help to compare your products against competitors and assist with pre-empting market trends.

Building brand voice

When building a relationship with the customer, it’s important that your brand acts as naturally as possible. TED contributor and business guru Patrick Hanlon succinctly summarizes brand voice as when customers know they’re hearing you, and not a competitor. Attempting to speak from different perspectives may confuse customers and put them off your brand. From the get-go, establish a cogent and personal brand voice that involves the customer in a first person sense. This will help you to establish what makes your consumers tick and consistently engage with them on a personal level. Ultimately, a strong brand voice will be with you for the entire growth of your business, enhancing your prospects and building your reputation.

Effectively deploying digital tools

Digital and social media has been touted as the all-connecting technology that will bring people together. However, studies have shown that the converse is often true; one study, reported by Harvard Health, found that anything more than 30 minutes on social media, daily, enhances feelings of loneliness. With literally billions of people on social media, the challenge for businesses is finding a way to engage with disaffected consumers.

The key, once again, is using a personal approach. Shy away from employing robo-advisers on social media pages, and make an active effort to engage with those commenting or messaging in. Treat consumers as human beings, rather than numbers, and as friends that you’re having a chat with. This will boost your engagement, create long-term customers and ultimately boost your sales which, as outlined above, means growth for your business.

Growing your business in the modern age requires a combination of old-fashioned business skills and a nous for modern trends. One of the most important modern trends is the consumer move towards preferring personal experiences. Manage this, and your business will have a great shot at further growth.