Published On: Tue, Jan 2nd, 2018

Printer Playoffs: What’s Best For Your Business?

Printer Playoffs- What’s Best For Your Business?

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Running a business always comes with loads of different choices. From the way you want your company to look to the products you sell, you will always have something to decide. Printing has slowly become one of the hardest areas for a small company to figure out. With the very little left to print, it can be hard to know what’s best for you. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the major players in the printer market, to give you an idea of what might be right for you.


Inkjet: These are the most common printers you’ll find in homes, as they are the cheapest option to buy new. Though cheap to buy, the ink for these printers is very expensive, and it also runs out quite fast. This makes them very inefficient if you’re printing thousands of documents each week.



  • Benefits: These printers are great for those with very low volume jobs being done, as well as for those wanting to print images or other colored documents. They can also be found everywhere at very low prices, making them very easy to replace.




  • Negatives: While they are cheap to buy, their ink is one of the most expensive liquids on Earth, and they use loads of it. Along with this, compared to other options, they take a very long time to do their job. This makes them bad for a busy office.



Laser: In offices, laser printers hold the crown, and you will find these sorts of options in most businesses. Using special a special toner cartridge along with some lasers, a device like this uses heat to make the words stick to the paper. Of course, though, they’re not always the best tool for the job, and you will have to think about this when getting prints done.



  • Benefits: Toner is expensive, but will last for a very long time when compared to ink. These printers are also very fast when it comes to printing black and white documents. This makes them great for the needs of most modern offices.




  • Negatives: Being fast is a great trait for a lot of companies, but printing detailed images could also be important. In this case, an inkjet printer could be a lot better, even if it makes things more expensive.



Dot Matrix: This last option is more of a throwback than anything else. In the past, dot matrix printers were all the rage. Nowadays, though, their complex systems of spools and low-quality printing has made them obsolete. You won’t find ink for them, and, even if you do, you won’t be able to get a maintenance man to come and sort it out for you, as not very many of them exist, anymore.


Delving into the world of printers may seem a little dull at first. But, in reality, when something can have such a huge impact on what you have to spend, it’s always worth working hard to find ways to make it cheaper. Of course, though, this tool also has to be able to do the right job.