Published On: Sat, Apr 21st, 2018

Must Read Tips For The Slick Business Look

It can sometimes be difficult to give that big corporate feel when you are a start-up or a one-person business, but don’t let that deter you from getting the look that you want. Remember – even the most significant companies started in a garage.


Before you get started on anything else, make sure your logo and business name are inline with what you want your brand message to be. If not, start there.

Must Read Tips For The Slick Business Look

Image from Pexels.


Get yourself online in a big way. Make all of your social media singing the same tune. You want a consistent message across the board, take the time to check what has worked and hasn’t worked in the past. One of the most potent things social media can do for you is give you insight. Who is reading your posts, when are they interacting, which post spark engagement? Powerful stuff when used correctly. If you haven’t got a website, now is the time to get one. Even if you don’t intend to keep a daily blog or articles, ensure it tells your clients everything they need to know. Have an easy to navigate contact form, links back to all of your social media and keep it in good working order. Website updates are critical to maintaining it well. Treat your online presence as an extension of yourself; your customers want to engage and know you better. Make it easy and let them.


If you are going to put money into your appearance, consider investing in high quality and original videos. They might be animated, or have people talking, but either way, they can be used for years to come if they are high quality and accurate to your branding. A video is also a 1st class way to capture and hold the attention of customers, so they work wonders for online marketing and social media promotion. The next investment you might want to make is email signature software, so many people make the mistake of assuming a name and website link is sufficient, but the world of business has moved on and to make the most of every email, something a bit more upmarket is required.


Hire a VA. You might be a one-person army right now, but you need to free up time away from those admin tasks to take meetings, get creative, and spend time on your business growth. Virtual Assistants are fantastic; you can hand off things like:


  • Social Media Management
  • Data Mining
  • Research
  • Appointment Booking
  • Online Purchases
  • Take Calls
  • Respond to Emails


Think about a business address. You can, for a small monthly fee, rent a business address that has mail forwarding, telephone service and some can even greet people who might turn up at the address looking for your business. Simple but effective.


Look at your personal accounts too. LinkedIn, Facebook and so on. You are the face of  your brand, l if you aren’t presenting a professional appearance when people look you up, then it is unlikely they will book your services or purchase your products in the future.


It isn’t difficult to make your business look bigger and more corporate, it takes a little investment of time and money to get it all running beautifully.