Published On: Mon, Nov 21st, 2016

Make Online Shopping Work For You: Everything Fashionistas Need To Know

There are a lot of reasons why people are swapping from shopping in stores to online. In fact, two-thirds of adults in the US admit they are buying items online at least monthly! For one thing, there is a ton of variety when you shop online. In stores, you only see half of what’s available in their warehouse. Also, you don’t have to browse with crowds of people. After all, there is nothing more annoying than when you are trying to look at a cute top, but can’t get to the rail as there are too many shoppers! Therefore, people are switching to online to get the best deals. However, some buyers are wary about going online. After all, it’s so easy for you to end up not receiving the item if you buy off a dodgy site. And they worry they are not getting the best deal on a piece of clothing. Therefore, here is everything fashionistas needs to know to make online shopping work for them!



Make the most of coupon sites

When you are in store, you have to pay the price that it says on the tag. But online, you can find coupons and discount codes you can use to shed dollars of the cost. Therefore, you might get a beautiful designer dress for the quarter of the price! To make sure you get a great deal, look online for some good coupons to use before you hit the checkout. Just by Googling the store and ‘discounts,’ you should find some coupons to use online! Make sure you check the date so that you don’t end up disappointed!

Don’t forget to check delivery

A lot of people order something online and then have to wait weeks before they get it through the post. Therefore, you need to make sure you check the delivery time before you make a purchase. After all, it might be coming from a different country. For example, when you buy items off Amazon, sometimes you are buying from the marketplace. That means an item might take weeks before it gets to you as it’s being delivered from China or the UK! Therefore, don’t just presume it will be a couple of days as you might end up being disappointed. And remember to check how much you need to spend for free delivery before you pay for the item. It might be worth adding something else to your basket to save several dollars on getting it delivered to your address. And in some cases, it might be worth paying a little extra to get your item sooner rather than later.

Go on comparison sites

To ensure you get the best deal, you should go on comparison sites before you make a purchase. After all, you will be able to find out where the item is currently selling and how much it’s being sold for. It’s so much easier than when you are browsing in stores. And it could end up saving you a fortune. You can either look online to find some good comparison sites which will ensure you get a great deal. Or there are some excellent apps you can download on your phone or tablet. As I talked about before, Reeelit is one good one as they can tell you where deals are and help you to save up for that essential item!

Make Online Shopping Work For You


Read reviews

It’s always a letdown when you order a beautiful piece of clothing online, and it never arrives. Or it turns up and looks completely different to the picture! Therefore, before you use a website that you haven’t heard of before, you should look online at reviews. Check out what people think about the service and the items they have received. That way, you can make sure you are not making an error by ordering off that site. And if you do buy something and it turns up in a timely manner, you should leave a review. That way, you are helping your fellow fashionistas know that it’s a great site to buy off!

Make sure you read the small print

When you are buying items online, you need to make sure you are careful about reading the small print. After all, you don’t want to put your details in and then find you receive newsletters all the time. And you don’t want to find out you have subscribed for something that you will have to payout for every month! Therefore, make sure you read the small print, rather than ticking you understand straight away when online shopping!

Make sure your internet is up to speed

Although shopping online can be convenient, it can sometimes be just as slow as shopping in the store. Especially if you have slow internet which makes it a painful experience when you order some items. Therefore, to ensure internet shopping works for you, ensure you have the fastest possible internet speed in your home. You might want to call up your current provider and ask them how much extra it is to get a more rapid speed. Or you could compare online to see if there is a different provider such as Suddenlink Communications who could offer you fast internet. And remember to check what’s running in the background while you are trying to shop. If you have loads of things running, it could be the reason why it’s taking so long!

Check brand’s social media accounts

One of the best things about brands being online is that you can find out about good deals on their social media accounts. They often put their latest sales on social media, so that you know when you should be going on their site. Often, they might ask their social media followers to ‘like’ or ‘share’ a particular page and then they will give you a percentage off an item. Therefore, it’s worth doing this, so you get a good deal, even if you delete it after! So make sure you follow your favorite brands online to reap the benefits.

And you might not realize, but if you leave items in the cart, the brand might contact you with a deal. As this article explains, just make sure you have set up an account, so that they can email or text you with the offer!