Published On: Sat, Oct 22nd, 2016

Just What Is Your Image Saying About Your Business?

Marketing is a race that just about any business has to join if they want any hope of succeeding. But it’s not enough to be making noise. You need to also make sure that you know exactly why you’re making noise. You want people to see your business, but you need to have a method behind the madness. What are you communicating through your marketing?


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Every business needs to have a purpose. A story to go along with what they’re providing. Your story might be as simple as wanting to offer the market something it’s missing. It might be a story about striving for better quality products and services. It could even include passions like environmentalism and fair trade. Figure out the story behind your business, as suggested by Just make sure that it’s genuine and that it has a face to it. Purpose can win you both the trust and loyalty of your customers.


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A big part of what comes across in your marketing isn’t so much about the message. It’s about how you deliver it. Every time your business is represented, it says something about the professionalism of that business and the people in it. Are you handing out bespoke business cards or generic ones? Do you have a well-designed site that’s pleasing to navigate or a bare-bones page that’s rarely updated? The questions above make it clear which instances are professional and which are unprofessional. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to take these methods seriously, too.


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You can be as professional as you like, but there are certain elements of prestige that can still win or lose you some customers. Some of these factors might seem inconsequential, like the age or the size of your business. But they do have an effect on how potential customers react. Which is why many smaller businesses consider not using their real address, but one that is a good deal more prestigious. Services like offer the means to add that prestige to your business. From there, it’s all about living up to the name you make for yourself.


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If you have something truly unique about your business, you need to sing it from the rooftops. You need to make a unique selling proposition out of it. For one, it means that you’ve cornered a part of the market or the demands of the customers that others aren’t fulfilling. That’s how you really get competitive in business. It shows that you’re on the top of your game, while others are still lacking. That’s not the kind of opportunity that every business gets. So if you have that unique proposition, make it the core of your marketing.

Marketing and image are how you build the brand of your business. It’s how you tell people what you’re about. How you show your professionalism and your competence. It’s even about how you compete. So when you’re next coming up with a marketing strategy, make sure you’re considering the four aspects above.