Published On: Fri, Jan 13th, 2017

Industry Experts Give Their Two Cents On How To Boost Your Warehouse Efficiency

It might surprise you to know that warehouses are in big demand right now. In fact, all over the UK and the western world, new giant metallic boxes are springing up beside major roads, all in an effort to feed our insatiable demand for online products.

What’s more, competition between warehouse operators is fierce. The people who run these businesses want to be able to offer logistical services to their business clients at the lowest price possible. As a result, experts are putting their minds together to work out how to further increase productivity and lower their costs. Here’s what they have come up with.

William Bauer Says Use Tools To Measure Your Performance

William Bauer is a managing director at Royce Leather, a company based in the US dedicated to creating luxury accessories, and his advice is to use new digital tools to track your warehouse productivity. After all, if you don’t know how you’re performing right now, how can you ever improve?



Bauer says that warehouses need to come up with key performance metrics, and then track them through time, experimenting with different ideas and seeing whether they have a noticeable impact on performance. He says that businesses need to consider things like cost per box and cost per line shipped.

Jeff Bezos Says Use Robots

Jeff Bezos is the founder of the online retail giant Amazon, one of the major drivers of the current demand for warehousing we see right now. His advice to companies just starting out in warehousing is to invest in robots. Currently, his company has invested in more than 45,000 robots across its fleet of warehouses, and Bezos claims that this simple change is saving customers millions of pound a month on their orders from the company. Using robots, Bezos argues, frees up staff for other, higher value-added jobs, including marketing, development of new product lines and strategy.

Ron Atapattu Says Optimise Logistics

Ron Atapattu, a founder of the shipping company Overseas Cargo Inc, says that one of the best ways to boost warehouse efficiency is to focus on logistics. Multi channel software solutions that enable warehouses to do things like track their orders and review the velocity of their SKUs is essential he says, in order to do things like optimise slotting and use warehouse space efficiently.

Mark Lefkowitz Says Adopt Just-In-Time Practices

Mark Lefkowitz has spent a lifetime working as a systems engineer. He says that the most important thing a modern business can do is maintain a lean culture and use just-in-time in the warehouse. According to Mark, companies need to adopt an incremental approach using tried and tested tools developed by Motorola and Toyota, often referred to as Lean Six Sigma in the industry.

Joseph Flahiff Says Work With Warehouse Managers

Flahiff is a consultant who helps firms become more nimble and able to react to changes in the marketplace. He says that the main thing businesses can do to improve warehouse productivity is to review outcomes with their warehouse management staff and discuss with them how efficiencies might be found in the future.