Published On: Sun, Mar 24th, 2019

How An Unclean Workplace Could Be Affecting More Than The Health Of Your Employees

Just 3% of offices thoroughly clean their equipment, according to The Conversation. As a result, the average work desk is home to 400 times more bacteria than the typical toilet seat and is 100 times dirtier than most kitchens. But, as the typical worker spends almost six hours per day sitting at their desk, the chance of them falling sick due to their unhygienic workspace is high. And, it’s not just your employees who are at risk from their dirty working environment.

A healthy workplace

Most offices benefit from a daily clean. This clean should involve bins being emptied, the toilets disinfected, and desks, computers, and phones sanitized. When workers have a healthy working environment, they have 12.5% fewer sick days and are more productive in their role. Furthermore, employees are happier when their workplace is clean, according to a 2012 study. It’s, therefore, recommended that deep cleans are routinely carried out in order to keep your business as healthy as possible. Dust, dirt, microbes, and bacteria can all gather in hard to reach areas, such as ceilings and behind bulky furniture, but a professional cleaning service will be well equipped to prevent these from causing a problem.

Increased number of days off

With 16 million microbes present in the typical computer keyboard, the likelihood of employees contracting illnesses in the workplace is high. When these illnesses are so severe that employees can’t work, they’re forced to take time off to recover. The Balance reports that, on average, employees take off four days per year due to sickness. In total, this costs businesses $520 per employee every year. And, even if employees do make it into the office, research has found that they’re significantly less productive when they’re ill. One study highlighted that when sick employees attend work, they cost employers a total of $226 billion due to poor performance, lack of motivation, and time away from their desk.

A threat to others

Of course, it’s not just your employees who will experience the impact of your dirty organization. When you invite clients into your organization’s premises to sign an important deal or to talk business, they’re going to come into contact with all sorts of microorganisms, if you’re cleaning isn’t up to scratch. And as the taps on sinks in office bathrooms have been found to carry some of the highest amounts of bacteria in the workplace, it’s crucial you up your company’s cleaning regimen. In addition to daily cleaning, encourage your workers to stay germ-free by providing them with antibacterial wipes on their desks and by placing hand sanitizers all around your office. This ongoing expense will undoubtedly be outweighed when you’re confident that your employees, your clients, and yourself will be fit and healthy in the workplace.

Surprisingly, the workplace is one of the most unhygienic places an individual encounters on a daily basis. To ensure that your business is clean, germ-free and not putting the future of your organization in jeopardy, it’s vital you have solid cleaning practices in place.