Published On: Mon, Mar 13th, 2017

Have You Got Enough Manpower?

It is a common problem within any type of business for employees to be allocated roles with which they are not comfortable with, or simply was not written in their job description when they first began working for the company. When employees are assigned different roles, it can result in them feeling disgruntled and can make them feel as if they are being pushed aside because they are not doing a good enough job in their main role. Also, with different roles aligned within the same job, it can mean that employees will not be able to complete each task to their full potential and can result in missed deadlines, neglected details and an overall shoddy job. If employees are not asked before they are assigned different jobs, they may feel uncomfortable and as if they are being taken advantage of. Therefore, it is essential that all employees are asked before they take on roles and are not simply given tasks to do which they have no experience in.

If a company needs to assign employees a range of different tasks which are not within the employee’s range of skills, then it could be quite clear that the company has not got enough staff and they may need to hire. This can be especially true within an office based environment, as they can tend to be very busy areas in which to work and jobs can get mixed up very easily if there is not enough staff within the business to help.

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If you are a business owner, and you have experienced similar situations, there are methods which you can use to help alleviate the pressure of your staff. As the owner, there is a good chance that you are in charge of the finances and control all incomings and expenditure. If you find yourself visiting the bank to check on your accounts, you could make life easier for yourself (so that you can focus on more of the business) by researching how FinTech is disrupting banking and you could decide to opt to bank online instead to save you time. Instead of assigning staff extra tasks, you could also think about hiring contractual employees on a short term basis (a few days, a week, a month) to help meet those deadlines. There are a lot of agencies out there who you could contact about this sort of thing.

You may also feel the need to employ freelance staff who are not office based to assist with a project. There are benefits to this as the majority of freelance staff are experienced in meeting deadlines and are extremely professional at what they do. It also means that you will be able to draw up a contract for the job in hand and will not be stuck paying the freelancers a salary like you do with your office based employees.

Having enough staff is essential in any business, and every owner should do as much as it takes to allow their business to function properly.