Published On: Wed, Feb 20th, 2019

Get Connected At Your Next Trade Show By Encouraging The Members Of Your Team To Network

A while ago, we discussed some of the surefire ways to make a big impression at a trade show. Any of the techniques mentioned in that post are sure to see you gaining significant returns from any time you spend at shows like these. They can certainly guarantee that you make a splash with the passing trade you meet. But, the challenges of show success don’t end there. Even if you take care of things like your goals and presentations, you may not achieve the returns you would like to see. That’s because most of those pointers apply to your stand itself, and thus only count if traders come to you. But, you don’t need us to tell you that, in a room full of talent, sitting back and waiting isn’t always the best bet.

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That’s why we’re back in the world of trade shows with today’s post. Instead of focusing on your stand, though, we’re going to look a little further afield this time. By sending employees out to do some networking, you may find that you can appeal to clients who might not have noticed you otherwise. This go-get-them attitude could be the difference between you and your competitors, and it could see you gaining the edge. Of course, a method like this can also backfire. If you send your team out without direction, they won’t appeal to anyone. At the very worst, they could end up annoying the people you’re trying to impress.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, keep reading to find out what you should arm your team with before they step outside the safety of your pitch.

A map of the premises

The most important thing of all is making sure that your employees can find their way back to your stand with ease. The trouble being, of course, that some of these shows are business-based mazes. Some trade shows have multiple floors, each with endless rows of stands. This is so much of a problem that you need to make sure team members always have a map of the venue to hand. That way, they can’t waste time or your money by getting lost. It also ensures that, if they do attract trade while they’re out, they can bring them back to your stand without trouble. One thing’s sure; customers will lose patience if they have to follow your team member down one aisle after another. You may also find it beneficial to arrive early and do a walk around so that you all get your bearings. All the better for avoiding any embarrassing faux pas.

A uniform which represents your brand

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Anyone attending a trade show should know that displaying their logo clearly is a must. How else can you hope to see people coming your way? Well, the same rules apply when you send your staff out on the hunt. Remember that, even if you go out to find customers, you need to act with respect. That means not going straight up to someone at another stand. Instead, your team will need to find subtle ways to get people to notice your brand. And, the best way to ensure they do that is to provide them with uniforms. By ensuring your logo is visible on their clothes, you make sure their excursions hit the mark. If you don’t fancy incorporating uniforms as such, you may even find that branded lanyards achieve the same goal. These could see people approaching your team members as they network. They may also ensure people remember that they’ve seen your logo when they do walk past your stand. This is a fantastic way to get on people’s radar and increase their chances of buying from you.

Business cards

While business cards are a little dated now, they’re still the primary currency at trade shows. As such, you last need to make sure that every employee has a pocketful of these at all times. This ensures that, if they do strike up a conversation while out and about, they can hand these out. Often at trade shows, people collect business cards and decide which companies interest them later. By getting as many as these out as possible, you can drastically increase your chances of returns. All you need to do is make sure that the cards in question have all the necessary details on them. That includes everything from your Twitter handle to your website address. As simple as that, every trade show should keep on giving.